A step forward

"Hello world!"

 Not like the whole world would read this,
 but I just am excited to tell you that I started a blog!!!

For a couple of days, weeks (probably even months), I have been thinking about starting a blog.
I looked up information, experimented with different lay-outs etc.
And finally I am happy with the result.

The name of the url (sapienzazone) is still something I'd like to change in the future.

Anyways, I hope I can amuse you with my writing, photos and what-so-ever. I haven't really worked out all the details yet, but I'll see what happens along this 'journey'.

I have tried to make this blog look 'professional', because I would like this to be a professional blog.
But my way of blogging isn't particulary professional. It is something I would like to learn and improve along this 'journey'.

So enough with all that nonsense; you are probably wondering who I am (besides the fact that there's  a little box on the sidebar where you can read 'about me'), so I decided to tell you just a few bits about me, my life and my passions/obsessions.

My name is Marit (Yes, that is indeed the name of my blog, original huh?).
I am a 16-year-old girl from the Netherlands, that small country below sea-level somewhere in Europe. I am currently attending the 5th year of high school, which means I still have one year left (our school system is very different than other countries and I am not even going to bother explaining it).
If you haven't noticed the blog description (little text underneath the blog title) yet, I am going to post things like 'photography &more'. I know, pretty vague description (which I'd also like to change in the future) but because I am so passionate about photography, I will be posting my journey of photography. I am a total amateur and with this blog I hope to improve my skills.
A few of my other hobbies surround things like fashion, beauty, design and art. I know that there are a lot (like really a lot) of other blogs on the internet about fashion and beauty so I'd like to not focus on that. My goal is to be original. This doesn't mean I am totally going to abandon fashion&beauty, since these things are pretty much my life. To give you an explanation about the design/art thing: I don't think I'll be posting about those things a lot. My main focus is just about photography and you'll probably see the "&more" a few times (just when I feel like it).

I am not going to promise to post daily since I won't be able to keep that promise. I will however try to at least post something weekly, and that's a promise I'm trying to keep with myself.

If you are reading this blog, don't be afraid to comment, give me advice or whatever. Just go easy on the criticism please (:

Thanks so much for reading x

- Marit