Winter Wonderland

Today I woke up, looked out of the window, and saw a beautiful white world! You're right, it snowed today!

I got so excited because I love snow so much. Snow makes the world so beautiful, and that's why I decided to take a few shots of this beautiful world.

Unfortunately I did have to go to school today, so I took my camera with me.

Nearby our school is a beautiful lake so I and my friends took some pictures there, and we where there at the perfect moment. The sun was shining bright, there were almost no clouds in the air, it wasn't too cold outside. All these things made the timing for pictures just perfect ^^

I love experimenting with different angles and I am obsessed with close-ups and seeing every single detail. I love to see trees with snow on them, so I decided to take a picture of that. I tried to only capture the tree, and no surroundings, that way it would be more of a mysterious picture and it will get people curious. Besides the mysteriousness I also  love how it is just one separate world. If you had more things in the picture it would get a little more messy, but just focusing on one beautiful thing is just my style and to be honest, I can stare at this for hours.

This is the first picture I took. It's a picture of the lake. The sun was shining so perfectly just above the lake, next to the tree. The lighting was just perfect. Even though it might not be the most special picture, it does still remind me of the beautiful world we've got (:

Here is a picture, more focused on the lake itself. I just can stare at this lake forever. I love to see those little details of frozen water (a.k.a. ice haha). It's just so special (: I hope to take a more close up photo of a frozen lake one day when it gets a little colder, because obviously this ice wasn't as thick.

As I said a few times, I LOVE close-ups. I just can't stand the amazingness of details. Like seriously. Every time you look, you see something new. A new small thing. Snow has an amazing structure, and just seeing it on the grass like that, I couldn't help but capture this moment of amazingness. I would love to have a more professional camera one  day, and capture a few snow flakes in their own unique shape; that'd be so awesome!

This is the final picture I took. This is another lake. I was walking around here and this park is
so beautiful. I love the bridge, the birds standing on the thin layer of ice, the trees covered in beautiful white snow. I actually have another picture of this one, but that one also has the sun on 
it. I love the sun shining bright in most pictures. But with this picture, I thought this one was more interesting, the lighting was better this way, the three in the front just gives this kind of sphere to the picture. The people walking around far away in the background. I just wanted to post this one too, just because I think it has this kind of a... I don't know. It just has something which I really like.

So this was my first actual post about something!
I love to do these kind of posts every week, or at least every month. 
Tell me what you think about it, don't be afraid to comment (: 

Thanks so much for reading! x

- Marit

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