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❝Hello there!❞

I'm sorry that it has been such a long time without any posts :(

Right now my life is full of stress and studying, studying and more studying..
Yup, I've got another testweek comin' up :(

Besides all that bad stuff, also a lot of good stuff has happened to me (:
This year my dad is going to Bangladesh! Isn't that awesome!?
He works for a charity which builds houses in Bangladesh, and he was asked to go there to look at the progress they have made so far.
I'm so excited for him!

Also, around that same time of the year, I am going to ROME! (Woop Woop!)
You can't believe how freaking excited I am! Rome, the city of art and food.
At school I am following art history classes, and they've shown us a few things that we're going to see in Rome, which is so cool. I am definitely going to make loads of pictures (:
I am going to Rome somewhere in May, so look out for loads of posts on Instagram and obviously on this blog around that time (:

So that was a bit of news that I wanted to share with you.
Now, instead of studying I decided to post a blog because it has been so long since I posted.

Now on to the real subject of this blog: Candle of the month!

I L-O-V-E scented candles. I love to burn them in my room and smelling those amazing scents. Yesterday I bought another scented candle, and I got an idea of posting my favorite scented candle every month.

This is something I'm going to do every month and it is so exciting because I kinda feel like I'm allowing myself to buy another scented candle every month (hehe).

The Candle of the Month February is....(drum roll please)

Spiced apple
I have been looking for this scent a long time. In the Netherlands you don't find special scents of candles everywhere. You always have the standard scents like vanilla, coconut, berry and so forth.
If you really want the special scents, you have to find special little tiny shops which sell hundreds of scented candles. Well, in my case, I couldn't find any special little tiny shop with scented candles. I did however find this very cheap shop, and in between all the standard scents, this candle was standing on he shelf, just looking at me. I think it had some kind of attraction system because my hand somehow touched this candle and I was in love.

I do not only LOVE the taste of spiced apple (Apple²+Cinnamon²=Bae² which is my version of the Pythagorean theorem), but I also love the smell of it. So making this into a candle was one of the best ideas ever.

The thing is, it is the end of the winter (almost). And this candle is more of an autumn-y scent. But I honestly didn't care. I am now celebrating these last days of winter with my candle of the month, and next month I will find a more 'Spring-y' candle and post it on (I think) March 21st (:

Thanks so much for reading, and let me know your favorite scented candle! x

- Marit

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