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And again, I'm very late with this new post, and I can say 100 times "I'm Sorry", but there's nothing I can do about it. This is my first time blogging, and it takes a lot of effort to write something interesting and to get enough inspiration for a blog. My life is just boring. The only time I know what to write about is when I have like a haul, photography stuff, candle o/t month, or maybe just something totally random like a recipe. I want to try to do reviews though, just because I love writing (and all creative stuff) and love to give my opinion about something. So I think my first review will be about a movie, like Insurgent because I really want to see that movie.

But this post is just more of an update. It's been a month!! I'm so sorry about that, but as I already explained it just takes a little time before I will probably write more and more and more (:
I'll try though because this is something I really like to do (:

As far as the update stuff goes:
This year in may I am going to ROME!! :D
I am so so so so so so so so FREAKING EXCITED. Rome is such a beautiful city and I can't wait to take thousands of pictures there :3 And obviously show them to you and tell you about my trip.
So this trip isn't some kind of vacation, it's actually a school excursion. So before we go there we get a lot of history classes, unfortunately (I personally am not a big fan of history :/). But I am excited to see all those beautiful buildings (at least, what's left of them).

Besides that, my dad is also going to travel in may. He has been asked to do some kind of registering stuff for a charity, and he will go to Bangladesh. Also in may. So I hope he takes a lot of pictures (: But that's probably not really something I am going to post something about :/

And last but not least, obviously before going to Rome I have to do some major shopping. And that's why you can (if you like my blog :|) look forward to a haul post (: I will be posting what I bought, and I am thinking about maybe doing a lookbook? Don't think I am going to be filming it, but like photography-wise.

That were the things I wanted to tell you about. Now on to the real stuff of this post: Photography.
Last saturday I went to my grandparents. They live pretty far (Like Netherlands-far) from us, about a 2-hour drive. I don't know about you but I just love to look out of the window, listen to music and just kind of 'leave' reality. But this time I actually had a lot of inspiration or something. I just looked with very inspirational thoughts/eyes out of the window, and saw perfect shots - everywhere! So I took a lot of pictures. But the stupid thing about taking pictures in a car is:
1. There's a window between you and the outside world which will most probably reflect light and you won't have the perfect picture
2. The car is moving, your shots will be moved as well = not perfect pictures.

These points did give me some interesting pictures though.
Most of the pictures I took were taken at night, because I love the lights at night.
So let's get started; here are the pictures I took:

This was the first picture that I took. Getting only the landscape, without any reflects of the window, on a picture is just impossible. So I saw an interesting shot by filling 1/3 of the picture with the car and the rest with the window and the landscape. The landscape is in this picture out of focus, because it couldn't focus on the landscape.
I would have found it more interesting if it was focused on the landscape but probably because of the window
I was unable to do this. Now you might think: open the fricking window.
But it was cold and I would probably get the police after us since you aren't allowed to like totally hang out
of the window. And no, I don't have a lense, I just have a small digital camera.
When it comes to like commenting on this picture, I don't have much to say, this was just some random shot.

Yup. It's a kid on an old-fashioned potty. This is one of the gorgeous art pieces my grandparents have in their house.
I think this picture is pretty well taken, because I didn't put the subject totally in the middle and I made it interesting by having the curtain partially hide like a piece of art and other stuff.
The curtain makes it more mysterious and you kind of want to know what's behind it.
The plant that's hanging there on the left was a coincidence.
I didn't know it was in the shot, and I don't think it adds something, but at least it fills up a bit of space :')

This clock with the surrounding art pieces was also just something I loved about the house.
The clock is so vintage, as well as the art. They're like plates that have been painted.
I took the shot from the right with this angle, to give it more dimension.
Also I think the light that is coming from the lamp on the right gives it a more of a mysterious effect.
Just too bad it got in the shot a little, which I am now noticing.
Ah well, I am still an amateur and this is something I learn from, right? (:

This is pretty interesting, I don't know if it works though. This was a clip that I shot in the car. 
My camera, unfortunately, has for video only the option to autofocus.
For a photography/filmography lover like me that's really a big disappointment, because
I would love to be able to play with the focus while filming. 
So during filming the camera doesn't actually autofocus, only before filming.
Because of the darkness there wasn't much to focus on, so when I pressed record, it was out of focus. 
And I thought that looked so amazing. It so cool when the lights are out of focus. 
It's so mysterious yet so awesome. Just too bad that the car is obviously shakey as well as the video. 

These last three pictures are all of the lights outside. Making a picture of lights while moving in a car is really hard.
The light will move and, which I think is still pretty cool, you'll see the movement of the light on your photo.
This was one of the pictures that came out pretty good. I do not really like it though. It's not very special.

I only liked this picture because of the movement. I love to see the street out of the window, while you're driving really fast. The rest of the picture just doesn't matter to me. But yeah, that's why I showed you this one (:

This one though, is one I love. It's so mysterious and weird. The lights are out of focus. I got inspired by like the glow of the light that you always see, and it came out so good on this picture. I seriously love it so much (:
 If you didn't know it were lights, you'd probably think it would be lights too, but not from the point of view of a car.
You can see the raindrops a bit on the window, but it isn't too obvious.
With this picture, if I didn't know where it was taken, I'd want to know the story behind it.
What is the source of the light? Where was it taken? What's happening?
The lights give it a dramatic effect, that's why it looks like something dangerous or scary is going on.
Like you're hiding, or you are knocked out laying on the ground, vaguely seeing the street lights above you.

This was my blog post (:
I will be posting another "Candle of the month" on March 21, or possibly a bit later :(
I hope you liked this post (:
If you have any suggestions for a blog post, comment down below (:

☀ Thanks so much for reading! x 

- Marit

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