☀ Monthly Favorites! ☀ March 2015

Heello (:

So unfortunately, as you have probably noticed, I didn't upload a Candle of the month :(
The reason is because I haven't had much time to go shopping, and when I had been shopping I couldn't find a good candle. The autumn/winter scents are the only ones I could find. As a replacement of candle of the month, I decided to do an early "Monthly Favorites"!

My next testweek is coming soon (a week left :O), after easter. I am going to be really busy, but I will try to upload at least two blogs: An easter recipe and an easter outfit (: I am really excited for those posts, so I think I'll be pretty motivated to give those posts my priority instead of studying :')

Anyways, this week I'll be posting a post about some studying tips and more (: So look forward to that (if you are interested in my blog..)!

So here it is! My own twist of the Monthly Favorites!

1. Books
I am not much of a reader, but when I do, it is usually for school. And those books are unfortunately (most of the time) very boring. But this month I had to read a book for my book presentation, and I chose to read Divergent. I have already seen the movie, so it would be easier for me to read with a picture. And this book, as well as the movie, is freaking awesome. I can't wait to read the next part, Insurgent and to also see the movie which just came out :D
I also read the book Out of mind, in Dutch Hersenschimmen. I haven't finished it yet, but so far it's quite amazing. It is one of the first classic literature books that I'm actually enjoying, even though I also have to read this one for school (hehe).

2. Movies
I am probably one of the biggest movie fans ever. I LOVE movies, but I don't watch every movie. I quite picky when it comes to movies. Like for example, I hate the cliché romances. Don't get me wrong, I love a little romance, but when it is the cliché stuff like "There's an eyelash on your cheek" while their faces are like 2 inches apart from each other and their lips are practically already touching, I will be throwing up all over the screen. Sorry girls who love those hopeless romantic scenes, but I am not a fan of that kind of stuff. I am more all about the action and adventure. I love original stories and amazing character developments. When a movie gives me chills, it is the perfect movie. I will watch any movie at least more than 2 times, except for Titanic - It is a masterpiece, but it was so heartbreaking for me that I got a trauma and I never wanted to watch it again -, even if it was the worst movie ever. I am also not that big on comedy, except if it involves a lot of sarcasm. But anyway, I have been babbling too much about what genres I prefer, and now it's time to reveal my favorite of the month: The Hunger Games: Mocking Jay pt. 1. Yes, I am a Hunger games lover, and yes, that movie came out ages ago. But I haven't seen Insurgent yet, and I thought Mocking Jay was better than Divergent so... The reason why I chose this movie, is because before seeing this movie I thought it was going to be awful. I loved the first movie, didn't like the second. In the second movie I felt like they totally entered a new path and the whole hunger games spirit was bit gone. I thought the third movie would totally have lost the hunger games feeling, but I was so so damn wrong. The movie was totally going back to the first idea, and it felt like they had heard my thoughts. I haven't read any of the books, so I didn't know anything at first. But it was amazing. Seriously the best shit ever, can't wait for the second part.

3. TV-shows
Woah, I wrote a lot above here. So I am gonna keep this one short. I recently have been watching Teen Wolf. I am now at season 3, and let me tell you, it's amazing. I have also been watching Lost, but I am stuck somewhere at season 2 because Teen wolf kind of got my priority :# Other shows that I am watching are: The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Hawaii Five-0 and Grey's anatomy :)

4. Song
My favorite song must be either Sugar from Maroon 5 or Let in the sun from Take that. I also love the album from Walk the moon called TALKING IS HARD and the album from Mitis which is Dubstep, called Born.

5. Clothes
So now on to the fashion. I don't have pictures for you, I now realize, but I think I'll do that the next Monthly favorites (: It's spring and I have been looking in every magazine and on every website you can imagine. I am looking for trends for this spring/summer because it's my favorite (2) seasons and I love the fashion every single time. So this summer I want to totally renew my style, and go bohemian/indie/rock all the way. I love the bohemian pieces in summer, and because I love to be a little badass in my clothes this season(eventhough my personality is totally the opposite) I am going for a little bit of a 'rock' look. My favorite clothing piece is probably gonna be the loose embroidered crop top or the kimono with aztec print. I made a little set on Polyvore to show you:

I know that pastels are spring colors, and I will definitely be wearing them, but I like these kind of colors better.

6. Favorite Picture
So in this category I am going to choose one of my own pictures which I made this month and say why it is my favorite.

I took this picture in my backyard. I don't know but I like it.. I can't really explain why. The details, the black bird in the middle of a bright green garden. It just looks special to me (:
Check out my Flickr account for more pictures! : Flickr

7. Food
As last (but not least!) I am going to share my favorite recipe with you. I love food and I love cooking. I look at pinterest for recipes and this week I found the most amazing recipe ever. I love chinese food and this one was one of my favorite chinese chicken recipes:
Sweet and Sour Chicken

Yup. I love chicken and this is amazing. 
You can find the recipe here: Sweet and sour chicken

That was it!
I hope you liked this post (:
If you have any suggestions for a blog post, comment down below (:

☀ Thanks so much for reading! x 

- Marit

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