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Today, I have another post for you. A recipe (: Not a very special one, but it is a very delicious recipe (if I can say so myself).

One of the things I love the most during the Fall are the amazing lattes from Starbucks. During Fall, Starbucks has these amazing spiced lattes. Because Pumpkin Spice isn't really something big in our country, I decided to give you this delicious recipe of a "Fall Spices Latte".

In the Netherlands, we have something called "Cookie Spices" because here we have a lot of spiced cookies. Not just in the fall time, but always. But one specialty is just for this time of the year, and they're called 'Pepernoten'. People love to bake these cookies, so in grocery stores they now sell a special mix of spices, just for those cookies. Kind of the same thing people have in America called 'Pumpkin spice'. Just a few differences, though. But I used these spices in my coffee, and it tasted amazing. So I decided to give you guys the recipe (:

Fall Spices Latte

- These spices: Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Coriander, Cloves, Ginger, and Cardamom. (sold in the Netherlands as cookie spices, but this can also be substituted by Pumpkin Spice). You don't need a lot of these spices, you only need 1½ teaspoon of the whole mix. Make sure that you have even amounts of every spice.
- Milk (as much as you prefer)
- Sugar (Only if you want sugar in your coffee)
- Coffee- A cute mug

Put in the 1½ teaspoon of spices. Then add as much milk as you'd like and add sugar. Now add your hot coffee and stir until everything is dissolved (the spices are a bit hard to completely dissolve, depends on how hot your coffee is. It doesn't matter though if they're still a bit visible). And now, If you'd like, add some whipped cream (: And you're done. You can also make this recipe with chocolate milk instead of coffee+milk(+sugar).

Enjoy the fall <3

I hope you liked this post (:
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☀ Thanks so much for reading! x 

- Marit

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