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Only 4 days have passed and I'm still pretty much on schedule. So this week is obviously a very busy week for me, but next week will be pretty busy as well. Not because of school, but because of my blog! I am going on a posting spree :') In my last post I summed up a few posts that I'll be doing in the next few weeks, and most of them (or maybe even all of them) will be posted next week.

Here's already one post to cross of that list, it's a little bit late but: My September Favorites! (:


So this month I didn't really have a lot of favorite beauty-related products (except for a nail polish, a lipstick, and a day cream). I'm still waiting for new fall products to be released, but I haven't seen any fall makeup products yet. Well, you obviously have dark lipsticks for sale in every season, but I mean like a palette or something with beautiful gold and wine colors. If you know any good fall palette please let me know!

First of, this nail polish. I've talked about in my last post. It is one of my favorite drugstore makeup products. I love this color so much, it looks like a normal red on camera, though, but it is a wine/maroon color which is the PERFECT color for fall. I adore this color so much, it is my absolute go-to color for fall. The lips, the eyes, the nails, the clothes, the shoes - everything looks amazing in this color.

Next up: Day cream. A must have in the winter/fall. My skin is already very dry, but in the winter and fall it gets worse. So to hydrate my skin every day I use this nourishing and hydrating day cream by Nivea. It has a really soft and not oily texture which is great. It also doesn't make my skin look oily nor does it feel heavy on my face. The result is amazing; I get really soft skin and it feels pretty fricking amazing.

So, this baby right here I've already reviewed in one of my last posts. The result of this lip pencil is amazing and it's a great color, maybe a little too light for fall but it's great anyway. If you eat carefully and drink carefully it stays on perfectly. But we will always have that struggle of lip stains on our cups :')

This one is a little hard to see (and a bit weird even). It's soap. Yup, just soap. But the scent of this soap is amazing. I don't know if you can read it on the picture, but it says: "Lait de coco" a.k.a. Coconut milk. I haven't even used this soap, but I've put it in my room and because it has such a strong scent I can smell it in my entire room. I got this soap from my friend who bought it in France.

Another scented thing (: A scented candle. So somewhere in February I posted about this candle in my "Candle of the month" post, and this is still the same candle. I have burnt it a few times, but my parents don't want me to burn it in my room, only in the living room. So I have it just standing on my desk. But the scent of this thing is amazing, and because I love it so much I'll definitely burn it a lot. Besides that, it's the perfect scent for fall/winter.

Now on to shoes. Yes, yes, yes.. Boots and fall are like the perfect match. I wear boots, and only boots, during fall. Like, non-stop. I am currently owning about 3/4 pairs of boots, and I am looking for another pair of boots to add to my collection. I am a bit of a 'boots' girl, I have to say. But in the summer I mostly wear sneakers and flip flops. When I had to throw out one of my favorite pair of boots last year, I nearly cried. Like, those boots were my absolute favorite. I wore them so much that they lasted for maybe 6 months. Normally my shoes last for about 1 to 2 years, especially now my feet have stopped growing :') But boots, you just gotta have them.

Can we just have like 2 minutes of silence for the person who invented fuzzy socks? I don't think I could have lived without them. They make so many things in life better. They are the most comfortable things in the world. I am always happy when I wear them because I will never get cold. And I hate being cold. Like absolutely hate being cold. I get cold so incredibly fast. Being cold just ruins my whole day. So imagine what my attitude is like in the winter and fall. Nope. You don't want to meet me when it's fall time. Except when I am at home with my fuzzy socks on and a delicious cup of coffee or tea. Like that's the only thing about fall and winter that I love. The fact that when it's cold outside, how much you can love being warm on the inside. But besides that, there's nothing that makes me more miserable than fall and winter. For the people who want to know, I think I got these socks at Primark, but you can practically buy this kind of socks anywhere.

For Favorite song of the month, I chose Easy Love (original mix) - Sigala and the album "Magazines or Novels" by Andy Grammer. I absolute love his lyrics and his songs. They're so quirky and upbeat and it cheers me up every time.

For Favorite TV-show of the month (I obviously had to put this one in here since I am like the most obsessive TV-show lover ever) I chose the TV-show Chicago Fire. Not so long ago I saw this show on TV on FOX and I've been obsessed with it ever since. When it comes to TV-shows, I kind of have a preference for reality. But then like, reality-reality, if you get that :') Like TV-shows about doctors and policemen. And now also about firemen :') Unfortunately, I have to be really patient because the new season (season 4) which came out yesterday in the US, comes out in February 2016 in my country :'( And the previous season ended with a cliffhanger! Like how could they do this to me! This is inhumane. Okay, I'll stop obsessing over TV-shows now.

Last but not least, Favorite book of the month. I'm not much of a book reader, but for my English book presentation I HAD to read a book. And I mean, if you have to, you don't really got a choice. So I chose to read The Host by Stephenie Meyer (Yup, the writer of the Twilight Saga). But I have already seen the movie adaption of this book and I loved the movie. So I decided to read the book and I am loving it so far (Even though I'm at page 50 or something :")). Anyhow, I would suggest everyone to read the book or to at least see the movie (it's nothing like the Twilight Saga.. Okay maybe a little, but like, way better).

So yeah, that's it for today (:
I hope you liked this post (:
If you have any suggestions for a blog post, please comment down below (:

☀ Thanks so much for reading! x 

- Marit

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