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Heey guys!

This blog post is a really special one because I am going to be showing you my entry for the Dutch NYX Face Awards. For the first time ever the NYX Face Awards are here and I decided to enter. Trying out different looks (see my last blog post) and building up the courage to sit in front of a camera and do a voice-over, I finally finished my video and officially entered the Dutch NYX Face Awards.

As you all know I love makeup and I have always loved SFX makeup. That's why I loved the American NYX Face Awards so much and am so happy we get a chance to show off our talent too! Now I am obviously not the most talented, but I decided to enter anyway. In this blog post I will be showing some pictures, I'll post my video here but I will also tell what I didn't like about my video and my look.

I hope you enjoy it and let's get started!

My NYX Face Awards NL Entry

This is the thumbnail of my video (: The look that I made is inspired by the Ice Queen but I wanted to make it a bit scarier and decided to call it: 'Frozen Queen'. No, not the queen from frozen, but a queen that has actually been frozen. I took my inspiration from like frozen (dead) bodies. I know, creepy, but I wanted it to look creepy. Here are some pictures (:

So I made this look mainly with facepaint and eyeshadow, but I also threw some glitter on my face on the parts where you normally highlight to give it more of an icy look. Now I am going to talk to you about the flaws of this look and my video. So in my video, I bend over too much to look into my mirror and that's why my face is really low all the time. I am so sorry for that. This is the first time I've made a video and I couldn't see what I was doing because I didn't have a flip screen or whatever. So anyways, about the look. I wish I had gone more 'extreme'. More decorations, more SFX. I regretted my decision immediately after seeing more and more entries coming in every day. Everyone is going all out, which is of course totally understandable, but it makes me feel like such an amateur and I am so ashamed right now. The decoration I made on the right (for you on the left) was such a stupid decoration so that's why I didn't make a picture of it, but you can see it in the video. The decoration looked so stupid, especially because it isn't supposed to be such a 'decorated' look, but more of a scary look. So I instantly regretted that decision as well, unfortunately, after entering so I couldn't re-do it/ cut it out. Anyways, more flaws:

1. I wish I had worn contact lenses, this would've made it look more professional (I think).
2. I wish I had worn like a white wig, or like sprayed my hair with dry shampoo to make it look white.
3. I wish I had worn fake lashes and painted those white. I mean you honestly can't even see my lashes on the pictures or in the video :(

These were some of my regrets, and even though they will announce the top 20 on May 30th, I already know that I won't make it through because there are so many amazingly talented contestants and I failed so hard. I will try again next year if the Face Awards will be in our country again and really go out on the SFX makeup.

I still hope you like the video, and I just really wanted to pour my heart out on you guys because I am so incredibly ashamed of myself and how I look like a total fool.

So here is the video, the voice-over is in Dutch, though, but I hope you don't mind (:

This was it for today's blog post (:
I still hope you like it and please bear with me through this path of shame :$
I am sorry for being an amateur but I hope you forgive me :)


Please comment down below what you think of this look, even though it's not NYX Face Awards worthy :$
And I will see you again next week (: Or maybe even sooner because I might be uploading an extra blog post, but no promises yet (:

Thanks for reading! x

- Marit

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