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This is my blog, and this is my blog post for today! Today I will be showing you some clothes that I bought for the spring/summer :)

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Spring/Summer Haul

So for this post, I will show you what I bought en where I bought it :)

First up is this green dress. Yes, I said dress. I loved the color and the fabric of it, but I liked it more as a vest/jacket than a dress. It's from Primark.

Secondly thus cute white and blue striped blouse. I just really loved it :) Also from Primark.

I didn't have a good pair of sandals, so I bought these really cute ones. From Primark.

When I saw these shoes I got too excited. I love these so much! Favorite pair of shoes from now on. They're from Primark.

I loved this top so much because of the pattern and the flowy crop top thing that it has going on :') This one is from H&M.

I wanted a pair of shorts that would bring some more color into my wardrobe, so when I saw these shorts I fell in love. I absolutely love this green color and I think it looks really cute. It's from New Yorker.

Playsuits, playsuits, playsuits. I love them. I live in them during the summer. They're so comfortable and so cute. Absolutely my favorite summer clothing. I really love the pattern on this one and also the fabric is really comfy. This one is from Primark.

Another Playsuit. Yup. I loved this cute pattern so much that I just couldn't resist. Hehe. Also from Primark.

Basic white T. Just because I didn't have one yet and I really needed one in my wardrobe. Mission accomplished. It's from Primark.

 Same outfit, but this time it's about the shorts. I really loved those cute shorts with cute patterns that looked really comfy. So I bought this one :') It's from Primark.

I honestly don't know why I have so many pictures of this one, but as you can see it's about the jacket. I needed a new jacket, and I chose this very cute brown leather jacket. It's from Vero Moda.

And this was my spring/summer haul!
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