My Eyebrow Routine + UPDATE!

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Haven't spoken to you for a long time! I have been wanting to post a new blog post for so long now, but unfortunately my laptop has given up. After 6 years I think it has had its time, and it has done lots fo good stuff for me. What this means is that until I get a new laptop (which is probably going to take a while) posting new blogs posts is going to be a little bit difficult and more time consuming. Not only do I want to kind of upgrade my blog and make it more professional and high-quality, I now also have to write my blog posts on our main computer. I'll try to get my fair share of computer time :') But this is just so you know why I probably won't be able to post something every week. I do have a lot of exciting stuff coming up, so look forward to awesome blog posts this summer. Anyways, that was my very long and boring update. I am really sorry for the delay of all of my recent blog posts, but I am doing the best I can because I love blogging so much (:

In todays blog post I decided to show you my brow routine. As you know brows are totally the thing now, its been going on since cara delevigne entered our lives. I have to say, I have been filling in my brows for maybe 3 years now, because I simply wasn't interested in it before. But the day I started fillig them in, I was in love. Filling in your brows can make such a huge difference, definitely for people like me who don't have such bold brows or have blonde hair. If you don't fill in your brows yet, this blog post is gonna shake your world and will probably make you fall in love with your brows. In this blog post I will show you how I fill them in. If you want to know anything about plucking them, please ask in the comments, or maybe I'll do an entire blog post about it.


Let's get started!

My Eyebrow Routine

So until recently I have been filling in my brows with a very cheap brow pencil from Essence. It's really easy to handle and looks very natural. So if you are a beginner, I would definitely suggest you'd buy one of those. I had heard a lot about the amazing Catrice eyebrow set before, but never was a big fan op powders. Well.. Like I said until recently. I finally bought it and I can say, I am in love. It's so easy to handle, the colors work absolutely perfect with almost every hair color. Well, I'll show you the set:

"The Before Picture"

The set consists out of two ashy-toned colors. One lighter color, this one appears darker though, but isn't as pigmented which makes it a perfect color for blonde hair and light-brown hair. The second color is much darker and more pigmented. This is really for if you have dark hair. If you're like one of those in-between hair color gals, don't worry. Just mix the colors together and you'll have your perfect color. The powder is easy to handle, doesn't smudge (!!) or vapor. The brow set comes with two tools, one small brow brush, which is absolutely perfect, and on the other side a tiny spooli, which yet again is perfect. And the other tool is a mini tweezer. I don't find this one very easy to handle, because it's really hard to get a good grip on it and you have to put lots of pressure on it before it can even grab a hair. The set also has a nice mirror, which I think is a bit too small. This is super handy for traveling or just on-the-go. 

All in all, this set is perfect. And it's also very cheap!! Definitely a set that is high-end quality that comes with a drugstore price.

Next thing I do is brush through my brows with a spooli, to make the powder not as harsh looking. This will make it look like my brows are very natural (:

The last step in my routine is to put some clear eyebrow gel in them. This will help them stay in place the entire day. The one I use is from primark. I have never used a brow gel before, so I wanted to try it out. I love what the gel does and will definitely keep this in my routine, it's just that the one from primark isn't the best quality (as expected). The gel doesn't 'stay on' for as long as I had hoped, so my brows won't be looking all on fleek for the entire day. Also, the packaging is the worst quality ever because it's already chipping, and that's the worst thing ever when you're doing your makeup.

Anyways, this was my brow routine!

If you know any great brow products, let me know in the comments down below!
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