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Today (a bit later because of my computer problem) I am unboxing something again!

Woop Woop!
I am excited to show you everything that is inside Styletone's Limited Edition Box. When I got an email that this box was coming out, I got so excited and ordered it immediately. Now it is time to show you all the goodies that are inside this box..

Styletone Limited Edition Box Unboxing

8 Full-Size products! Let's dive in!

So here is the first thing I found, and I am super excited about this one. It is Styletone's own beauty blender! I love beauty blenders! The effect that it gives on your face is just flawless. I haven't been able to test this one out yet, but I'll let you know!

Price: €15,95

The second thing is again super exciting. Nope, no sea salt hairspray in this box (I'm actually glad about that). This time, it is 'Supernatural Thickening Cream' by the brand the Insiders. I've heard a lot about the brand and am excited to try this one out! Especially because I have really thin hair that makes it look like my hair is dead. And we don't want that of course. So I hope this will help my hair look flawless! (:

Price: €21,95

Third thing is.... A bath salt scrub by the brand London Butterflies. I must say, that packaging is absolutely gorgeous. I fell in love with this products already. It looks so luxurious. I am excited to try this one out as well! I did take a little sneak peak, though. The substance of this scrub is so creamy and rich and soft and just amazingness! I love the smell! It smells like fresh babies :') It smells like Zwitsal, what the Dutch people that are reading this will probably recognize. Anyway.. I love it!

Price: €39,95

The next product is this brow builder by the brand Mally. It came in two colors and I got the color Taupe, which is luckily the right color for me. I have tried this one out and I must say I am not the biggest fan. Maybe because I have never tried out a colored brow gel, but it smudged really easily, it was hard to fill in the gaps. It's just not my favorite way of filling in my brows. I do like it in combination with eyebrow powder or a brow pencil.

Price: €29,95

Next thing is this gorgeous nail polish by Delfy. This was also available in two colors and I got the color Amore Mio. It is this deep red color and I love it. I haven't tried it out yet so I can't say anything about how long it lasts on your nails, but the packaging and color already won me over.

Price: €12,00

A product from Lord & Berry! Yay! It is the Active Spa Balm and Primer SPF15 by Lord&Berry. I love lip balms, and I also love that this is a primer which means I can actually wear a lipstick on top of this! With most lip balms I can't because they're too soft and slippery. In the little magazine I got with the box, it said that the lip primer smells amazing, but to be honest, it hardly has any smell and the smell that it has isn't that great. It does feel really nice on the lips, though. Not too moisturizing, but still good.

Price: €14,45

The last two products I was a bit disappointed. Sunglasses? Really? I mean, I love sunglasses, but not this model. First of all, they look incredibly cheap (sorry Styletone). Second it doesn't fit me. And last but not least, the price is 7,95 + 4,95 for both the sunglasses and the pouch! I mean, It felt like this was just something to get to those 8 products and €250 because they said it'd be worth over €250. Sorry but don't use this to fill up your box Styletone. Disappointed in this one.

Price: €7,95 + €4,95

Like I said, I am a bit disappointed with this product too. It is a tote bag. Now, I love tote bags, but not this one. This bag is just a free advertisement for Styletone. It's yet again another 'fill up' product to get to that €250 and 8 products. I don't need this bag nor do I like it. So again, disappointed.

Price: €7,95

All in all this box was a mixture of different products. Pretty much all summer-y products, which I like. I paid €28,95 for this box, and in the end, I do think that is a small price for this box. I still don't think this box is worth €250 at all. I do love most of the products. I don't use nail polish a lot and I don't like the sunglasses nor the bag. But the rest of the products are really usable and good so I'll definitely use those. My overall opinion on this box is good. Not too many products that can be thrown in the trashcan or given away immediately. I give this box 4,1/5 stars because I was really disappointed about the bag and the sunglasses. 


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