🍂 Fall Vibes || Makeup Tutorial 🍂


I am sorry that it has been so long! But I'm back, finally (:
Here is a little Fall makeup tutorial for you. I am totally not like a makeup artist, but I thought this look turned out pretty well. Even though I don't think this is tutorial-worthy content, I still wanted to show it to you.

As I mostly do, I am just going to show you my eyeshadow and lips. So my base is already done. I did some light contouring for this look, foundation, eyebrows and a bit of powder.

🍂 Fall Vibes || Makeup Tutorial 🍂

Wanna recreate this Fall look I made? Then keep on reading! Red, Orange, Brown, Shimmer, and dusty pink; It's all Fall Vibes.

Base done (: Foundation, Powder, Eyebrows and all that stuff.

First I primed my eye with the NYX Jumbo Eye pencil in 'Milk'.

Then I put Marzipan from the Chocolate bar palette by TooFaced on my entire eyelid and Champagne Truffle in my inner corner.

Crazy eyes :') So I took the color Salted Caramel from the same palette and put it underneath my eye, and as you can see I made some kind of triangle/arrow thing something-ish :') Then I took Semi Sweet and Triple Fudge and put it in my crease. Don't worry, I am going to blend.

As you can see here, I blended everything. But I added the color Paradox by Colourpop Cosmetics and blended this in the outer corners of my eyes (:

Add some mascara and voíla! That's it for the eye look! On to the lips (:

I am wearing a Liquid Suede by NYX cosmetics, in the color Soft Spoken. And that finishes this look! I love the colors in this look! Like it says in the title, it totally gives me Fall Vibes :)

And that's it for today's post! I totally love this look and I think it's my favorite Fall look, probably because I just love Red and orange and brown and dusty pink and shimmer and I can go on and on and on and on about this all dayy, but if you liked this post then definitely subscribe to my blog for more!

Also, comment down below telling me what you love most about Fall!
If you recreate this look or make your own Fall inspired look, please send me pictures! My Instagram is MarigraphyNL! (: I'd love to see them (:

As always, thanks for reading! x

- Marit

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