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Hi guys!

As you've probably noticed (or not..), I have been absent for a while now. I haven't posted anything on my blog, and that while last year I posted a blog post every day in December. Why have I been so absent, you ask?
Well, simply because I just didn't have any time. I want to post blog posts of good quality on my blog. With the spare time that I had, it just wasn't possible. I had lots of ideas which I am really bummed out about that I didn't have the time to create them (like Christmas outfits/makeup/food). My school is now my priority and it's practically sucking up all of my energy and time. I never thought turning 18 was such an energy-drainer. I really feel grown-up now just because of all the things I have to do, all those administration stuff but also driving lessons and studying and all that jazzle.

Besides the fact that I haven't been active on my blog, I also have something else to tell you.
I want to start blogging in Dutch (my native language) instead of English. I started this blog to improve my English writing. Don't get me wrong, I have a learned a lot in my almost 2 years of blogging, but am still not at the point I want to be with my English. So no, it's not because I think there's nothing to improve anymore. It's the opposite. Sometimes it's pretty difficult for me to describe things in English. I mean, I know how to, I sometimes just can't use the words that I want to use. I can't fully express myself and with every blog post, it takes a lot of time to check my English and still every time I read a post again, I find lots of mistakes. I hate it that I am always so annoyed or scared even to make mistakes in my writing. Even though I'll probably still make mistakes in Dutch, it would be significantly less than when I am writing in English. I mean, I bought a grammar checker just for these blogs - which has been really helpful - but it's actually annoying me more than helping me.

So, that's why the next blog post will be in Dutch rather than English. I am so sorry for the people who loved my blog who aren't Dutch (Maybe google translate is an option? hehe), but I made this decision for myself, and I hope it's gonna make it a lot easier for me to write and post blog posts.
Anyways, thank you for letting me pour my thoughts and feelings all over you.

Enough with all the update stuff. Let's go on with my last English blog post, which is, in fact, a blog post about my favorite hobby: Photography.

Snowflake Emoji (Apple/iOS Version)Winter Photography || 2016Snowflake Emoji (Apple/iOS Version)

This winter, me and my family went to the woods and made some pictures. Unfortunately, there wasn't any snow :( But I still really like some of the pictures I took. Note: You are not in any way allowed to copy these pictures or post them somewhere else without crediting and asking me (marigraphy.blogspot.com). Here are my favorites:

So, as you can see the sun shone really bright that day. In the photos I took you can see that I tried to play with the light. I still want to put some filters over some of the pictures to get the desired effect, but I am pretty happy with the 'raw' product.

Anyways, I hope you guys aren't mad at me for not posting anything in a long time, and for going on with blogging in Dutch. For those of you who want to know: Yes, this blog will still exist, I am going to keep blogging on this blog but just in Dutch. All of the English posts will stay on my blog and I won't translate those into Dutch. So you can read all of those back if you want to :')

Thanks for reading my blog!
Have a great day (: x

- Marit

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