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Today I decided to do something a bit different. I love TV-shows so I wanted to share this passion with you today by recapping and talking about the first two episodes of the new season of Teen Wolf. They came out this week, the first episode on June 29th and the second on June 30th. Unfortunately, I heard that the second episode was leaked and was already available to watch on June 29th. I looked at the viewers and unfortunately it is lower than the other first episodes of seasons. Normally it's around 2 million viewers, but now it was around 1,5 million and the second episode even around 1,2 million.
This is sad, I had really hoped the true fans would wait for it to watch it on TV.

Anyways, let's get talking, shall we?


I rated both episodes on a scale of 1 - 10 with 1 being the worst and 10 being the best.

Season 5, episode 1 ; Creatures of the night [6,9/10]

First of all, let's talk about the beginning. The first 5 minutes of the first episode already came out like a week ago. But it's damn heavy. Lydia saying they're all going to die.. What the?!
And then opening credits, so amazing. I love it. I am so curious about the new story with the Dread Doctors. I hope it's going to be as awesome (or even more awesome) as those assassins of last season. And then there was this tearing up moment when I saw: "Dedicated to Cindy Garcia-Posey". 
Then the real work started. I didn't know how I felt about it. For me it felt like it was a bit, I don't know, 'fake'. Not as in bad acting, but as in that it kind of lost the original magic of Teen Wolf. You know, the reason why I started watching. Although I did still enjoy it. It's sad that Derek didn't even show up in the first two episodes. I know he's not a main anymore, but still. He was an amazing character. I get that they want to make it more of a show about teens, but grown-ups play a huge part in teen's life. You can't just throw them out whenever you want (well, they can..). I just wish I'd seen a bit of Derek and/or Peter. I mean, I want some more details on the Peter - Malia story?! The humor was great again, but also I had that same fake feeling. I want more sarcastic awkwardness as we used to see. I want more clumsy Stiles and Scott action. And I can't wait to find out what kind of creature Parrish is! Who the hell is that werewolf creature? Also, I loved the ending where they write Allison's initials down. That was also a tearing up moment. I am quite nervous about that Lydia story though, is another one of the cast going to die? :(

- P.S. didn't you guys miss coach? He brought so much to the show, I really miss him.

Season 5, episode 2 ; Parasomnia [7,4/10]

Damn, Damn, Damn, I can't tell you how excited I am about this story of that girl. The nightmares (parasomnia), the Dread Doctors. Are they like making 'artificial' werewolves or something? At least, that's what it looked like to me. Oh yeah, and who the hell is Theo. I don't know what to think of him. The ending made it pretty clear that he's bad news. But who does he work for? That werewolf guy from episode 1? Can't believe it might be his own plan. Think he might be working with the artificial werewolf makers. Or maybe he's good? But he just gets threatened or something? I don't even know. Can't wait to find out. And seriously, I totally ship Lydia and Parrish now. I mean, I still haven't closed Stydia yet, but I am open for Pydia :') I think Malia and Stiles are a nice couple. Both cute and awkward I guess. And sarcastic. But I don't know, I have never been able to totally shut Stydia out. Anyways, I am super excited for the next episode and hope to find out some more (: 

The next episode, "Dreamcatchers"- already love that name, comes out on July 6th. 
Don't know if I'll be posting another recap. This recap is by the way too short to be an actual recap, but it's more of a short review I guess.

I hope you liked this post (:
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- Marit

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