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It's been a long time since I've posted something new :/
I haven't had much inspiration for a new post.
But last weekend I went to Amsterdam for 2 days with my family.
So I decided to post some pictures of Amsterdam and the places we went.

This isn't a very exciting post, I'm sorry for that, but I have some ideas that I have been working on the past week (:

So first we just walked through Amsterdam, we went shopping for a bit, and then we stepped on a boat that gave us an awesome tour through the canals of Amsterdam. I made some pictures with my phone, which aren't very good quality.

I just love coffee art ^^

Rijksmuseum (:

We also went to Madurodam, that's where I made most of my pictures. Madurodam is kind of an amusement park. It has all these famous and important buildings from the Netherlands but then very tiny. It's really beautifully built, and amazing to see. Here are the pictures that I made. - Unfortunately we had very very bad weather that day, so some of the pictures might be a bit vague -

I tried to make a what more interesting picture, but it didn't turn out quite how I wanted :/

 Yup, that's me, just casually walking over a mini-bridge

If you watch closely, you can see my reflection in the building across me, and on the right of the building you can see my little brother.

At last we went to the beach. Why? I don't know, my parents wanted to go there. To give you an indication of how bad the weather was, I made this little video (yes, that is a raindrop on my lens >.<). The waves are very high and rough, and the wind is almost blowing me over.

This was it for today's post!

I hope you liked this post (:
If you have any suggestions for a blog post, comment down below (:

☀ Thanks so much for reading! x 

- Marit

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