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Hi, Guys!

Sorry for not posting for a while :/ I've been so incredibly busy that I simply just didn't have the time to write anything. But today I had some time and decided to give you guys a quick little update as well as a fresh new blog post (: I am going to show you the makeup look that I wore for Easter. I hope you enjoy it !

My Easter Makeup

So first of all, I hope you all had a great Easter (: I know I did, even though I didn't eat a lot of chocolate :') Anyways, when I think about Easter and Spring I think about pretty pastels. So the makeup look that I created is a really soft look with beautiful orangey tones and mauve lips. But first, two things about my camera: 1. I, unfortunately, broke the screen so I can't see if my pictures are focused. I also think that my lens got damaged because it seems not to focus as good anymore. So I am really sorry for the blurry pictures, I hate to post bad quality pictures, but I do want to keep posting blogs. 2. The battery of my camera dies pretty quickly, so I couldn't make a final look picture, unfortunately :( I still hope you enjoy this post and let's get starteedd!

So I started with putting a champagne color on my entire eyelid until my browbone. I also put this color in my inner corner as a highlight. Then I grabbed my first orangey color and put this in my crease and outer corner and blended it out.

After blending that first orangey color, I grabbed a beautiful matte orangey color and blended this with the other orange color to kind of strengthen the color. Then to add some definition I grabbed a matte brown color and also added this in my crease and outer corner.

Finally, I added some mascara and grabbed some black eyeshadow in my outer corner, because I thought it looked nice :')

That's the final eye look (: I added some mauve lipstick to this look and I was good to go!
Products used: Eye primer from Cailyn, the colors Yum!, Sweet, Spoon and Candy from the I Heart Chocolate Salted Caramel palette, Mascara get Big! lashes from Essence.

I hope you enjoyed this post.
Again I am so sorry for not posting for a while, but you can expect an all new blog post this Friday (:
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Thank you for reading!

- Marit

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