5 Ways to quickly fix/volumize your hair!

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It's a brand new day and it's also blog post day! So because of the busy times that are ahead of me (FINALS :OO) I am going to update you guys on a few things:

1. I first wanted to write a new blog post every Friday. Now I haven't really kept up with that promise because I don't always have the time to write on Friday. This is my own fault because I could have just written a blog post a few days ahead, but most of the time I forget to do that. So instead of posting new blogs every Friday, I will be posting, from now on, a new blog post on every Friday or Saturday (or sometimes even Sunday). This is just for the people who visit my blog every Friday (it might be easier for you to subscribe to my blog) and get disappointed when I haven't posted anything yet.

2. I am getting more views on every blog post which excites me very much! It's kind of a constant number now, which just makes me happy about the fact that you guys like my blog (: I do want to say that you can always comment anything on any blog post if you want, and I will definitely respond to you! Now, I know that the quality of my blog posts sucks, but this is mainly because I dropped my camera and now the screen is broken (and possibly even the lens, because it doesn't quite focus as good as it used to) so I can't see what picture I made (Old school photographing :O). I am trying my best to make better quality posts and I hope you will stay with me even through the bad posts :')

3. Today was my last day of school, sort of. I still have a test week next week, and after that I have practice exams, and after that it is time for the real thing :O Obviously, during this time I can't post as many blogs, but I am going to try to write some blog posts ahead of time so I still have something to post (no promises :/). Right after the finals, I am going on a vacation with my friends :D Not telling where we are going yet :) But I won't be posting any blogs during that time. It is exciting, though because I hope to share my vacation adventures with you when I come back :) So look forward to that! :D

These were all of my updates! Now let's get into what this blog post is all about!

5 Ways to quickly fix/volumize your hair!

Do you have bad hair days? I definitely do every single day. Okay, maybe not every single day, but most of the time. I always start with cute volumized hair in the morning and the volume is totally gone within two hours. It is really stressful for me because I have really thin hair so when there's no volume in my hair, it looks awful. So here are 5 ways which I use all the time to get that volume back in my hair :D

1. Dry shampoo
Shampoo/conditioner will only make your hair heavier which means less to no volume. To get hair with volume that stays for a long time, you need hair that hasn't been washed for at least a day. The natural oils of your hair will make the volume last longer. Dry shampoo though won't make your hair heavier, will add a lot of volume to your hair and will last for a long time.You can buy dry shampoo almost everywhere and it's not expensive at all (depends on the brand of course). It is also easy to take with you so you van fix it wherever you are. One of my favorite dry shampoos is the one from Batiste :)

2. Top KnotI don't know if others do this, but if I want volume in my hair, I have to wear a top knot/bun for a little while (not long) and then untie it again. The top knot kind of curls my hair and makes it messy which will make my hair volumized (: This doesn't last for too long, but it is definitely a quick fix.

3. Braid(s)
This one is kind of the same as the last one. I just braid my hair and let the braid in for a little while. Then when I undo it my hair is curly and messy and volumized. You can also do this before sleeping so you'll have gorgeous curls the next day, but that's not necessarily a "quick" fix.

4. Volume powderThis is one of my favorite and easiest ways. Have you ever heard of volume powder or used it? Well, it's awesome. It will kind of harden your hair which makes it great for styling it in different ways and it volumizes your hair! The only thing I dislike about this products is that sometimes when you - especially when you have dark hair - didn't rub the powder in as good, you will see the powder laying on top of your hair. But besides that, it's really easy to use and again you can take it anywhere with you.

5. Blow dryer or teasing
The final way I use to volumize my hair in a short amount fo time is to blow-dry my hair. I make sure that I don't dry it in like a very sleek way but really messy. The thing is that you don't have a blow-dryer everywhere you go, so then there's the other way: teasing. Teasing your hair is just combing your hair in the opposite directions. So instead of combing it down you (carefully) comb it up, back to the roots. This will fluff up the hair. Make sure that your hair doesn't look like a bird's nest after because that's not really the desired effect.

This was my blog post for today!
I hope you liked it and I also hope that the tips were useful!
Share them with anyone or everyone and subscribe to my blog if you want to keep updated (:
What do you use to volumize or fix your hair quickly?
Thanks for reading!

- Marit

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