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So normally I post new blogs on Friday, but yesterday - Friday - it was raining non-stop, just like it has been the past few days, so I couldn't go outside to make pictures for this post. But today, finally - before I had to post my backup post which is really bad quality - it stopped raining and I had the chance to take some nice pictures (:

So in this blog, I will be sharing 3 Winter to Spring outfits with you. The transition from winter to spring is so weird that I often don't really know what to wear. Do I still wear sweaters or is it already time for dresses? It's confusing, okay. But we all gotta get through that confusing time, and here to help you I put together 3 outfits which I really like to wear during this time. The weather in our country during this time is like: Should it be hot? No, let's just be cold. One day it's really nice weather, the next absolutely horrible weather. If you live in a country where it is always perfect weather then I will congratulate you because you honestly have the best life ever. I so want to live in a country where it's hot all the time.. Anyways, let's stop rambling and get on with this blog post!

3 Winter to Spring Outfits

Outfit #1 || Sweater Weather?

This is the outfit I love to wear during the cold days of the transition between winter and spring. Sweaters are so comfy and nice and you can make them look cute with anything. I decided to go with this super cute cream colored sweater with a cute roll turtle neck collar. With it, I am wearing my high-waisted jeans and my black Chelsea boots. For accessories, I chose these really cute and simple T-bar earrings.

Sweater - C&A
Jeans - Anti-Blue
Shoes - Chelsea Boots from Cellini
Earrings - Aliexpress

Outfit #2 || The Minimalist 

A style I absolutely love is the minimalistic style. I hate myself for the fact that I do not own a watch! Like who doesn't own a watch, apparently I don't own one. If I had one I would definitely put one on in this outfit. Watches are like the cutest minimalistic accessory ever (in my opinion). For this outfit, I decided to pair my cute white blouse with my green pants. For shoes, I went with some simple white sneakers.

Top - H&M
Pants - H&M
Shoes - Panther

Outfit #3 || Dress up for spring

The last outfit is all about spring. You can wear this during the somewhat colder days of spring, but also on the sunny days. I decided to go with this really cute striped dress, and I paired it with some tights and my Chelsea boots. To add some more edginess to this look, I put on my hat and my T-bar earrings. In the last picture, I am also wearing my sunglasses, but that's just for those sunny spring days.

Dress - Clockhouse
Shoes - Chelsea Boots from Cellini
Hat - H&M
Earrings - Aliexpress
Sunglasses - Aliexpress

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