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Today's blog post is all about Beauty Hacks. Who doesn't love them? I'll be sharing my own personal beauty hacks with you. These are beauty hacks that I used when I was younger or wanted to try out. The hacks I'll be sharing with you are hacks for if you don't have a lot of money, but you do want to get a little more professional with your makeup.

If makeup is something you love and you really want to become a professional, I would suggest to save up some money and really invest in good products. But if you're a bit new to makeup, or you only own budget makeup and want to know how much you can do with it, then this post will be very helpful!

Btw, just saying, I am totally not a professional with makeup. It's just a hobby of mine and I like to write about it and share my tips & tricks with you.

Let's Get Starteddd!

Beauty Hacks
How to get professional with budget makeup!

Beauty Hack #1 Using your eyeshadow for contouring
You want to start contouring but don't own any contour palettes/products? Use your eyeshadow! I have the Absolute Matte palette from Catrice. This palette is really cheap, and it has 4 different shades of matte browns! They are ashy toned browns which are perfect for contouring! The colors are well pigmented so they can definitely be used as a contour! I always used this hack when I was younger. It was a very good substitute. I do prefer cream contouring, though.


Beauty Hack #2 Using your lipstick as a blush
So this one, I think, is one that a lot of people already do. For this, I used two insanely cheap lipsticks - which I absolutely hate to put on my lips - and applied them very lightly on my cheeks. The lipsticks I used are matte lipsticks, one dark pink and one light pink. I put the dark pink one on my right cheek (which is left in the image) and the light pink on my left cheek (which is right in the image). You can see a slight difference between the two. In the mirror, it already looked like I put too much on, but I think next time when I make photos of my makeup, I'll double up the makeup :') I actually really liked this hack. The lipsticks I used aren't greasy or sticky on my cheek at all (maybe because they are so cheap). It's really subtle, you just always need to make sure to blend it out very well.

Beauty Hack #3 Using eyeshadow as a highlighter
I think this is something everyone does as well. You don't have to invest in a good highlighter when you have an eyeshadow that's exactly like a highlighter. Use a shimmery white/cream color and you are highlighted and perfect! I love this hack, even though I do have a separate highlighter. This is a hack that I often use and I love it (:

Beauty Hack #4 Using your mascara as an eyeliner
So I have actually never tried this hack before. If you want to do this you will need a good angled brush. So what you do is you get your mascara, let it sit in some hot water for a little while so that the solution gets a little more liquid. Then you get your angled brush (or better, an old eyeliner with a felt tip) and get some of the product of your brush. And then apply it as how you would normally apply your eyeliner! Well, this hack, I have to say, is a no go for me. The substance of the mascara is just not as good as eyeliner. It's hard to apply - which makes it one big mess- and it is just pretty thick (even after letting it sit in hot water for a while). This could also be because of the mascara I use or my horrible eyeliner skills, but I guess you just have to try it out yourself.

Beauty Hack #5 Invest in brushes? No way!
I know that when I never had any makeup brushes, applying makeup was horrible and a mess. Makeup brushes bring your makeup to the next level. Just one problem, they're expensive. So I would advise you to invest in good brushes, but a secret many don't know is that there are actually very cheap and good makeup brushes. Where do you ask? On Chinese webshops. So I am not totally sure if the brushes are totally safe or poisonous or something, haha, but I do know that, especially when you are a beginner, they are really good! If you do want to get really professional with makeup I would definitely suggest saving up some money to buy some good quality brushes. But if you're only a beginner, why not cheap ones?

And those were all my beauty hacks! They're mainly for beginners or people who only have budget makeup, but I think almost every makeup enthusiast has tried, at least, one of these hacks.

I hope you liked this post (:
Comment down below which hack you liked most or if you have any other hacks.
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