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Welcome to a new blog post. Today I am going to post 2 blog posts because last week I didn't have the time to post something. Nope, not a beauty-related post this time. This time, I am going to talk about one of my favorite things in the entire world: TV-shows. I am addicted to TV-shows, and today I thought it'd be nice to share my 7 favorite shows with you. And yes, they are all available on Netflix! :)

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My 7 Favorite TV-shows (on Netflix)

1. Arrow

My first favorite that I want to share with you is the epic TV-show called 'Arrow'. When I read the description of the show I wasn't really interested. My first thought was that these were just some people that wore masks and killed monsters or something like that. I've never been a fan of superhero movies or tv-shows, but this show changed my whole perspective. In this TV-show, you follow billionaire Oliver Queen who survived a shipwreck (Nope, not the Titanic) and stranded on a mysterious island. The show begins with him finding a ship which helps him get back home, after five years of being on that island. You immediately meet his family and friends and quickly find out that Oliver is not himself. In fact, he turned into some kind of a ninja and he uses his ninja skills to revenge people that his father (who didn't survive the shipwreck) left him behind in some sort of notebook. I am not going to tell you the rest, but what I love so much about this show is that along the way you find out what happened in those 5 years of being on that island and what actually happened on the ship. You see flashbacks of him on that island and what it did to him. It's an emotional rollercoaster but here and there you get a little bit of humor (mainly by the amazing character called Felicity).

My rating:
8,4/10. Seasons available: 1-3. Status: Ongoing.

2. The Flash

Yes, another superhero show. Once I got hooked on Arrow, I found out that this show was a spin-off from Arrow. After the main character of this show appeared for the first time one arrow, I started watching this show. This show follows the quirky, awkward and nerdy Barry Allen who is a normal crime scene investigator. But on one day he gets struck by lighting which put him in a coma. After 9 months he wakes up from his coma and finds out that he has gained superhuman speed. With this ability, he tries to fight criminals and others who also gained other superhuman abilities, while still trying to keep his identity a secret. You know, I would just suggest you to start watching it right now. Why? Because this superhero show is not only really funny and nerdy, it also feels like it could actually happen. You get caught in the story right at the start and you don't want to stop watching until you've figured out all the dark secrets. Honestly, just watch it.

My rating:
8,6/10. Seasons available: 1. Status: Ongoing.

3. House

I am a huge fan of medical dramas. And especially this one. This is the most sarcastic, funny yet emotional show. This show follows doctor Gregory House who is the most sarcastic and kind of mean doctor. But he is also a diagnostic genius. The show is mainly about House and his team of diagnosticians who solve medical mysteries. If you want the read the full description, you'll have to read the Wikipedia page. I love this show not only for its comedy but also for its emotional ups and downs psychological background. House is quite the character and all you want to do is figure him out, but it turns out you just can't. He's incredibly unpredictable which makes this show really awesome. One question you'll never really get an answer for is: Why the hell has this man not been fired yet?

My rating
: 8,3/10. Seasons available: 1-8. Status: Finished.

4. Grey's Anatomy

Like I said, I am a huge fan of medical dramas. Grey's anatomy is one of my favorites of all time. The show has a lot of seasons so plenty to binge-watch. If you want to read the description of this show, I would advise you to read the Wikipedia page, because of the many seasons I won't be able to make a nice little description. I am however going to tell you my opinion about this show. Well, it's epic. Instead of this being a fun-filled humoristic show, this is more of an actual drama. It is one big emotional rollercoaster, but of course, there are plenty of sarcastic and funny moments. What I love about this show the most is how deep they dive into the 'psychology' of the patients and the patients families. But also just the relationships between the characters. I do like the first 6 seasons the most. This not only because of the cast but after a while I just, I don't know.. It was enough for me. But I did watch 11 seasons (:

My rating:
8/10. Seasons available: 1-11. Status: Ongoing.

5. Flashpoint

On to numbero 5! Flashpoint is a Canadian police drama tv-series. But not just normal police. Flashpoint is about the SRU, aka the Strategic Response Unit. They try to resolve some of the most extreme situations by negotiating with the criminals. What I love so much about this show is that it is really all about the psychology behind criminals. That's what I love if you didn't know that already, the psychology stuff.

My rating:
 7,7/10. Seasons available: 1-5. Status: Finished.

6. Jane The Virgin

So this is a show I just randomly came across one day and decided to watch. And it has become one of my favorite tv-shows ever. This show follows Jane Villanueva, a religious Latina virgin girl, who becomes pregnant after being artificially inseminated by mistake. She has difficult decisions to make and an epic love triangle starts to emerge. The show if filled with comedy, drama and romance. Oh yeah, and let's not forget to mention the epic narrator who makes this show so incredibly funny.

My Rating:
 8,2/10. Seasons Available: 1. Status: Ongoing.

7. Lost

This show is one of the most epic shows ever. EVER. This show is so amazing that as soon as someone wants me to talk about it, I can ramble about this show forever. Even though I still haven't watched everything (I am in season 5, but I've read major spoilers :$), I still think it is the best-written show ever. Okay, I'll try to keep this as short as possible, but this show is about a plane crash. The plane crashed on a very mysterious island. A lot of people survived the plane crash, and every episode you get to know one of the characters. As the story develops you enter an incredibly emotional rollercoaster with lots of plot twists, flashbacks, flash forwards and even flash sideways. You can't get attached to a character because before you know it, they die. Then why should you watch this show, if they all die anyways? Because it is epic. Not only the story is epic, but also, the level of detail is insane. You get full backgrounds on every character, and that makes it even harder to lose them (don't let this stop you from watching the show!). After watching this show, you'll be a lot more criticized about other shows, because so far none of them have lived up to this level of epicness. I do warn you, though, don't enter this rollercoaster if you have a weak stomach; You won't survive. But still, watch it. I would suggest not to binge-watch it too much. Because of the many plot twists you kind of get stuck in the story at some point and stop watching it (I stopped, my friends as well). But I heard/know that the ending is the most epic and insane plot twist ever, so you do have to finish watching it (I am still working on it).

My rating:
8,8/10 (because you kind of get stuck at some point in the story). Seasons available: 1-6. Status: Finished.

And these were my elaborate descriptions and opinions about my 7 favorite shows!

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