➳50 Random Facts About Me

Helloo everyone!

It's been a while since I posted, and I am so sorry. 
I honestly have no (good) excuse..
I've practically been watching TV-shows all summer..

Anywayss, I've got loads of inspiration now that school has started again.
Haha, funny how when you actually need to do things like homework, that's when you get distracted to do other things.. 

I've got some blog ideas in my head for this week. And because I really want to start posting regularly, I am going to promise these blogs for this week:

- 5 Summer outfits (not just normal outfits, but you'll see that this week, geheh)
- A review of a foundation
- 10 Make-up drugstore products I can't live without
- Summer photography 
- Bucket list: 10 places I want to visit

And that's all coming to ya this week!
Isn't that awesome? ^^

I wanted to do a Back to school post, but I am a bit late for that, unfortunately. Most people have started school or are about to start it, so the 5 Summer outfits is kinda the back to school outfits blog post I had in mind. 

But for today I wanted to make a more of a personal post. I am going to tell you

50 Random Facts About Me
So let's start!

1. I am a girl from the Netherlands.
2. I am 17 years old.
3. I have blonde hair and brown eyes.
4. I was born on July 10th, 1998.
5. My zodiac sign is Cancer.
6. I am obsessed with astrology (thus Zodiac signs).
7. I think the moon is one of the gorgeous-t things that exists.
8. I also LOVE the ocean.
9. My favorite color is blue, every shade. One of my favorite shades of blue is Prussian Blue.
10. The meaning of my name is "Pearl", but two other meanings I found are "Child of the light" and "Daughter of the sea".
11. I have a Swedish name.
12. I have 2 brothers; One older, one younger.
13. My brothers both have blonde hair and blue eyes.
14. My brothers also have Swedish names. And no, my parents actually didn't do that on purpose.
15. I got my love for photography mainly from my dad; He loves photography too and taught me a bit.
16. I love being creative in every single way. From drawing to acting. Everything.
17. My dream, when I was younger, was to become an actress; It secretly still is.
18. I want to study Applied Psychology.
19. I am obsessed with music. I listen to it 24/7. When I hear any instrument I just get goose bumps and get totally excited.
20. I have 4 best friends.
21. I love to travel.
22. When I come home from school, I always crave for peanut butter. Why? I have no idea.
23. My average grade for Dutch is way lower than my average grade for English.
24. Sometimes I forget words in Dutch so I just say the English word.
25. I am addicted to Netflix.
26. I am not the hugest fan of chocolate (I do like it, just not every day). Dark chocolate is my absolute favorite.
27. I love eating healthy. Not because I want to eat healthy, but most healthy foods are my favorite foods.
28. One of the only vegetables I don't like are sprouts.
29. I am a very picky eater (My mom gets super annoyed by this). I believe that just one single vegetable can ruin a whole dish.
30. When I don't like to eat something, it's most of the time not because of the taste, but because of the texture/structure.
31. My favorite food are actually potatoes (or tomatoes ^^)
32. I love accents, especially British and Australian.
33. I only like Romantic movies when I'm vulnerable :')
34. My favorite genres are action, adventure, horror/thriller and sometimes Science-Fiction.
35. I love Tv shows about real life. Especially about authority figures like police and doctors.
36. My favorite movie is The Maze Runner (Can't wait until The Scorch Trials :D).
37. As a kid, I loved reading books, but now I can never seem to find either the motivation or the concentration for it.
38. I always secretly read spoilers. I don't know exactly why, but I do know that I hate surprises.
39. I am a huge animal lover.
40. I have the biggest obsession with cats. I actually have a cat.
41. The subject I hate the most is Physics.
42. My favorite subjects are Biology, English and Maths.
43. I love children. I probably want to do something in Child Psychology.
44. This year for school I am going to research the psychology of children's drawings (for a project we have to do).
45. I am currently in the final year of High School.
46. I love collecting things, such as bags, sunglasses, lip balms etc.
47. I have never been anywhere out of Europe.
48. I love filming and editing films. I have been doing it for a like 5 years now, just making videos of Tv shows or movies that I like.
49. I used to play Volleyball. In total, I've played it for 8 years (and I really miss playing it).
50. I actually love playing sports, except for anything that has to do with either gymnastics or running.

These were the 50 random facts about me!
I guess you now know a lot about me (: (not everything though, like for example that I'm a really weird and awkward person).

I hope you liked this post (:
If you have any suggestions for a blog post, comment down below (:

☀ Thanks so much for reading! x 

- Marit

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