♫ My Summer Playlist! ♫

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and welcome to my second blog post of today. Why two? Because I didn't have the time to post on last week, so I decided to post two this week. In today's post I am going to give you a list of a few of the songs in my summer playlist.

So I know it's not summer (yet!!), but I love the summer so much that I always start listening to summer music after Christmas. I love to get in that summer vibe and dream about summer things. I want to share a few of the songs on my summer playlist with you. I will update this playlist regularly and I will put a link here to my playlist if you want to see the whole list. It has some 'oldies but goldies', and also some new ones with great summer vibes.

Let's start!

♫ My Summer Playlist! 

I can give you my opinion about all of these songs, but that's not really necessary because I added them all to the list for the same reason: These songs are perfect for summer and they give me summer vibes. So I will just list a few songs of my list here and you can kind of get an idea of what my summer playlist looks like and maybe even check out the entire playlist on Spotify.

1. Hymn For The Weekend - Coldplay

2. Fast Car (radio edit) - Jonas blue, Dakota

3. Work From Home - Fifth Harmony, Ty Dolla Sign

4. Sex - Cheat Codes, Kris Kross Amsterdam

5. My House- Flo Rida

6. I took a pill in Ibiza - Mike Posner, Seeb

7. El Mismo Sol - Alvaro Soler, Jeniffer Lopez

8. Back to 94 - Daddy's Groove, Cimo Frankel

These songs all give me amazing summer vibes and make me so happy. I am a big fan of remixes and all that DJ stuff :') Especially in the summer :D So currently I have about 32 songs in my playlist, and I'll keep updating it. If you have any song suggestions to add to my list, please leave a comment down below! (:

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Thanks for reading! (:

- Marit

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