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Hello lovely person,

welcome to my new blog post! Today I'll be sharing my Back To School look with you! Well, at least an idea. Because I haven't started school yet! But maybe you already did, then I feel really sorry for you. Unless you're excited about it, of course. I am excited to start school because I am going to college! And yes, I am looking forward to that sophisticated, somewhat adult-ish, student life.

I will be posting more Back To School posts, but I am not going to say what they'll be about yet (: So you'll just have to wait and see, muahahaha (it's an evil laugh). Let's get started with this post!

Back To School: Makeup, Hair, and Outfit


So I am going to start off with the makeup look. I'll show ya real quick what I did, but this is just for some inspiration.

Fresh Face!

Obviously starting with applying my foundation with a damp beauty blender. I am using the Rimmel London Lasting Finish 25hr Foundation.

Next thing I did was applying concealer and powder, but a little different than I usually do. This time, I actually decided to 'bake' my face. I was trying to bake my face for the first time, so that's why I did it. I normally don't do this for school.  

Then I filled in my eyebrows and added some bronzer and blush to not make me look like a total ghost.

Then I went ahead with eyes. I used my Chocolate Bar Palette by Too Faced. I started off with the color Milk Chocolate on the entire eyelid and up to my eyebrow, to help the colors blend. Then I took Marzipan and covered just my eyelid, focusing mainly on the middle.

Next, I made a line close to my lashline with semi-sweet mixed with Haute Chocolate. I also put a bit of this in my outer-v and blended it all. Then I highlighted my inner corners with Champagne Truffle.

And last I added some mascara! My all time favorite mascara by Catrice.

To finish the look I put on some highlighter (Champagne truffle from the Chocolate Bar Palette) and my favorite MAC lipstick Whirl.

And that's it for the makeup look! Very simple yet so flattering! I love it (:


Now on to the hair.
So I'm not going to do a full tutorial on it.
I just grabbed my front piece and divided this into two pieces. Each piece I braided as normal and then put them together in a half up, half down bun. That's it! Little more sophisticated than the usual half up half down bun and it looks really edgy and nice  (:


And now on to the last part of this post: The outfit!
So for the first day of school, it's mostly not really special. Just more of an introduction than an actual school day. So I like to keep the outfit really simple and flowy. Just casual. I know some people are more about the WOW-factor for a first impression, but I like to surprise those people with all of my looks (: Hehe.

So this is the look! Here are some more details:

A choker with a crystal for an edgier look. (I made this choker myself)

The top I am wearing is a cropped top with cute images of the zodiac signs on it.
The shorts that I am wearing are some light denim high-waisted shorts.
Both are from H&M

And for shoes, I am just wearing my black and white converse.

And that was it for my first Back To School post!
I hope you liked it!
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Comment down below what your favorite thing about this entire look is!

Thanks for reading! x

- Marit

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