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Nope, not a back to school post yet, unfortunately. I know some people have probably already started school, but I still have 2 weeks left til' I start school. Anyways, the Back To School post will be up hopefully this week, and if not then definitely next week! Until I start school I will be posting about 2-3 posts each week, and from then on about 2 a week (every Tuesday and Saturday). I am really trying now to keep this schedule and I am working hard on improving my blog!

Today's post is all about chokers! Yes... Remember when I showed you my choker collection? Well, I added some more chokers to that collection recently. And the best news is, I made them myself! I am really glad about how they all turned out and loved doing this. Besides, it's very easy and affordable! Wanna see how I did it? Well good news, I'll show ya right now!

DIY Chokers

 These are all the ones I made!

What you'll need:
- Necklace fold over cord ends
- Open Jump rings
- Necklace lobster clasps
- Your choice of charm(s)
- Velvet or suede cord, any color you like
- A pair of scissors
- A Jewelry plier (I actually used a normal plier)
- Something to measure your neck with

Step 1, Measure your neck and cut off the needed amount of cord. For me that was about 31 centimeters.

Step 2, get your cord end, put your piece of cord in it and then close it with the jewelry plier until it's nice and tight.

Step 3, Get your open jump ring and stick it through the cord end. Now also grab your lobster clasp and stick this through the open jump ring as well. Now close off the jump ring with your pliers.

Step 4, Put your charm(s) around the necklace.

Step 5, Get another cord end and do the same as with step 2.
Step 6, Grab 2 open jump rings and attach these to the cord end. 

And voíla! Your necklace/choker is ready for use! 

I hope I gave you some inspiration for this post! It's really easy and affordable to make. You can find all of the stuff in crafts stores. Please send me pictures if you made a choker (Instagram: MarigraphyNL). 

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Thanks for reading! x

- Marit

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