Trying "Baking" for the first time || Does It Really Work?

Hello people of the internet.

As I said in my last blog post, I would upload a back to school post. Unfortunately, this has a bit of a delay (Because it's just not working out quite as I expected). But, I do have a new blog post for ya today.

Today I am going to show you my first try at the phenomenon 'baking'.

Trying "Baking" for the first time

So what is "baking" your face exactly? Well, it is letting powder really set your face using the heat of your face. What you do is you apply powder to the wanted areas (mostly underneath the eyes and/or any places you want more highlighted or last longer) and let it sit ("bake") for about 10 minutes. After that you wipe it off with a big fluffy brush and your face will be looking absolutely flawless. Your makeup won't crease and you will be looking brighter and more awake.

The 'Before' Face.

So what you'll need for baking is a loose powder, preferably a light one so that it also works as a face brightener.

I am using my beauty blender (from Primark and it works damn well!) to apply the powder. I added about 2-3 layers. But apply as much as you'd like. I am applying this underneath my eyes (where I put my concealer) and underneath the hollows of your cheeks, where you'd place your contour, so the contour will be more apparent.

While I am letting that "bake" for 10 minutes, I am going to do my eyebrows (:

I have waited for 10 minutes and now it is time to reveal what the result of this "baking" is....

So a bit of a doubtful face, because when I first saw it, I was like: Nothing happened? But now I am going to show you the before and the after together:

So, tbh, I didn't notice a very big difference, but my skin and makeup did look more flawless and bright. The difference might not be huge in my case, but maybe that's because I tried this for the first time and didn't do it right. But I will try to use this technique more often and see if I can get better at it.

Anywayss, this was it for today's post.
I hope you liked it!
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Comment down below if you have ever tried baking and what your experience was.

Thanks for reading! x

- Marit

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