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Hello (:

Today I have another Styletone box unboxing for you (: This post took a little longer than usual, so I'm really sorry about that. But I have been planning very exciting content for you guys so look forward to that :D

Let's get into it (:

Styletone Box August Unboxing

This is all that's inside this month's box, and I am excited (as always) :D

The first thing my eye fell on was this beautiful and cute packaging. A lip and cheek gel. Interesting. When I tried the color I was a bit disappointed, though. Not was it only very bright so not something I'd put on my cheeks, it leaves an incredible stain on your body that I just couldn't wash off. Hmm. Though, when I put it on my lips absolutely nothing happened. Like, what's the deal with this? I'll just stick to lipsticks.

Brand: Seraphine
Price: €20

Another lip product! Hmm, don't know how I feel about 2 lip products in 1 box, especially because the lip products are often not that good. This is a tinted lip butter. I do love me a good lip butter. But I don't know if I can necessarily say it's good. Ir's really dry and hard which makes it difficult to apply. Not only that, but it's also shaped really weird (other than normal lip balms/butters) which adds up to that difficulty. Besides that, it's also totally not moisturizing to the lips. In the little magazine that came with it, it says: "When your skin is used to synthetic products it can feel dry the first few days when you stop using those and switch to natural products. Just hang in there, it'll get so much better". So maybe that's the reason why it feels so dry.

Brand: Ellovi
Price: €5

Yass! When I saw this I so wanted to swatch it!! It's a bronzer and highlighter duo. I love the highlighter. Like.. LOVE. It's so pigmented! But the bronzer is way too shimmery for me. It's more of  a brown highlighter than it is a bronzer. But I can still use it as an eyeshadow because the color is absolutely gorgeous. I am sure that I will use this a lot!

Brand: Manna Kadar
Price: €18,95

Another exciting thing :D When I saw this I got really happy. It's a washcloth especially made to remove your makeup. All you need to do is to make it wet and then it will just remove your makeup magically from your face. I've heard about this but I never thought it would be worth the money. I was just going to stick to makeup remover. But now I got this I was really excited to actually try it out. So here is a quick little mini review for you guys. I removed all of my swatches with this. And it worked perfectly. It got all off just in one wipe. I am definitely a fan!

Brand: Ecoco
Price: €7,95

And last but not least, A brow setter. It's kind of an eyebrow cream. Anyway, I got the perfect color for me, Light brown, so I was really pleased about that. It's not a warm color which I like. It's not too pigmented but it does fill in your brows really good. I love this brow product. I also like the brush that came with it. Definitely going to use this one a lot. Btw, sorry for the fact that I already used it in the picture, haha oops. I was too excited to see if it was any good, so I dived in right away without making pictures :S Sorry about that.

Brand: Paese
Price: €11,95

And this was this month's box (: I loved the products, just everytime that there is a lip product in the box, I don't like it. This month there were two lip products and I both didn't like them. But that is the only bad thing I have to say about this box! Because of the fact there were two lip products in here, I'll give this box 3,5/5 stars. That's because I do really love the other products, all three of them are going to be used pretty often I think.

I hope you liked this post! I have some big news somewhere next week. It is going to take me lots of time to prepare and get everything ready, though, so can't tell you the exact day I will be posting the news (:

Other exciting stuff to look forward to: I am going to be posting some Back To School Posts! I always love the whole 'Back To School' theme so I decided to join in! You can expect the first post of this series at the end of this week!

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- Marit

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