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I am so sorry for the lack of posts this week. I was supposed to upload one on Tuesday and Friday and I didn't live up to that promise, so I am so sorry. This past week was my introduction week because I am starting college. Tomorrow I have my very first class and I am really excited to start my life as a student.

Anyways, that was a little personal update. Another little update, this will (for now) be the last Styletone unboxing post. I stopped my subscription because I need to save up some money for college and other things. I hope you don't mind. These posts were one of my favorites to make, so I am really sad. That was it for all the updates, now on to what this post is really all about!

Styletone September Unboxing

The products in this month's box are looking good! I am surprised by all the luxurious packaging this month.

First off, this cute pink nail polish! I absolutely love the color I got! There were two other colors you could receive, but I receive this color called: "Hone". Not much of fall/winter color, though. But it is very pretty! I wore it while I was working and it didn't last too long. But I guess you're normally not supposed to do heavy labor while wearing nail polish ;') I don't know how long it will last without any heavy labor. When I put this nail polish on, one layer covered it pretty well. I did put another layer on top because my nails are really thin and breakable. But one layer is enough to cover your entire nail (: I'm happy with this one.

Brand: Emité
Price: €12

Wow! This product looks so cool! So luxurious and amazing. There were many things of this brand you could receive in your box, and I received the 'Hot Lips' in this beautiful red color. The color is the number "L401". The product in this pen-shaped thingy and you have to rotate the bottom to get some product out of it. It has a sponge applicator, which, I must say, isn't the easiest thing to handle on your lips. It also takes a pretty long time before any product comes out. I thing instead of using the sponge I will use a lip brush, but I do really love the product. It doesn't dry out your lips. But the products doesn't stay on too well. The color does leave a bit of a stain, but the product itself comes off easily. It doesn't totally dry, so whenever I take a sip or eat something, it comes off. I know almost every lipstick has this, but I wished this one would stay on a little longer than it did.

Brand: Ellis Faas
Price: €27

Yay, a mascara! Again the packaging! The mascara itself isn't that amazing but I do love that it's pretty big and thick so it feels like you have more control over it. There were two variations of this mascara you could receive, no. 3 and no. 4. I received no.4. It's a volumizing extreme mascara. The brush has this fun wavy shape. I didn't think that that shape would be very handy to use, but to my surprise, it worked perfectly. I wouldn't say that I got extreme volume. My lashes are very spread apart, they got lengthened beautifully, but they aren't full or really black. I would expect that from an extreme volumizing mascara. But nonetheless, I do love this mascara. It is my kind of mascara. No clumped together spider lashes, but beautifully spread lashes. More of a subtle mascara, I'd say.

Brand: Ace of Face
Price: €14,90

A mono eyeshadow! I love eyeshadow. I got this dark-ish green color, with a hint of blue. The color is beautiful and pretty wearable too. The color isn't too pigmented, though. I really had to wipe roughly through the mascara a few times to get a good amount of product on my hand. I did edit this picture to strengthen the color a bit, but that was mostly because the color wasn't too visible on camera. I haven't used this eyeshadow in an eye look yet, so I do not know how well it blends. I don't think it will be a great eyeshadow (although, who am I to judge if I haven't tried it out yet), but I do definitely love the color and I will use it in an eye look as soon as I can.

Brand: Note
Price: €9,90

Last but not least, a product that might seem familiar. That's because it is! I received a very similar product in my March Styletone Box, by the same brand. But this is a different product. Again, there were a few variations you could receive: a mask, a day cream or a lotion. I received the day cream! They say it's for about any skin type, but the product is very oily and moisturizing. I have combined skin so I don't think it will be good for me to put this product on my oily places. But I do definitely want to try it out. Not sure yet if it does really 'fix' blemishes, but I'll try it out. The product does smell great, in contrary to the product I received in my March box. So far, I love it!

Brand: Figs and Rouge
Price: €31,50

And that was it for this box! I loved the box. Many luxurious products and products I'll actually use. Some products are a bit harder to use or I'll probably won't use them. The box was filled with many different products, from face to lips to nails. I loved it! I wouldn't say it's my favorite box but I do really love all of the products! Like, all of them! So I'll give it 4/5 stars :D 

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