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Hello, guys!

Today I am going to review one of the 4 new scents of Vogue Girl, Bohemia!
The other scents are Bamboo bear, Tornado, and Lovely.
I also made a video review about it, but it's in Dutch.
I made this video so that I have a chance to become a Vogue Girl Vlogger (:
When I heard about it, I had to take this opportunity.
Instead of just making a (Dutch) video, I also decided to let you guys who read my blog know all of my thoughts about this product! So I hope you like it (:

Also, I tried out a new product photography style, and I hope you like it (:

Soo, let's get started!

Vogue Girl Bohemia Perfume Deodorant Review

This is the new scent Bohemia by Vogue Girl. I absolutely love the design of this deodorant. It's like really colorful and playful and totally fits the Bohemian vibes. Floral and feathers and bright colors. The design of this deodorant was the first thing that pulled me towards this one. I think it has the best design out of the 4 new scents. After smelling it, it was also my favorite scent out of the 4.

The scent of this deodorant is amazing. It has a subtle sweet smell yet it's really fresh. Just like a fresh fruit or something. Also, it has a hint of some kind of floral smell. When wearing this deodorant you don't only feel fresh, it also smells like you're wearing a perfume, which I absolutely love. I would wear this as a perfume alone. The smell lasts pretty long and you feel fresh for a long time. For me, this is an absolute winner.

And that was it for today's blog post!
I hope you liked it!
Tell me what your favorite scent out of the new scents is!

Thanks for reading! x

- Marit

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