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Hi guys!

Reading this title, you probably think: "Summer lookbook? You mean Fall Lookbook, right?" Well, wrong. I know you are supposed to do the 'lookbooks' before or in the Summer, but I am going to do it at the end of the summer. I am going to show you what were my favorite and most-worn outfits during this summer. You can still get inspiration from this if you live somewhere where it is always nice weather, or for next summer. I am going to do a Fall lookbook as well this year. Not sure when, but I hope before the end of the fall :')

I hope you still like this post, even though Summer is almost over.

BTW, again a video! I hope you liked it. I made a video so I could give you a more detailed look at the outfits, and because it was incredibly bright outside (probably not the best time to shoot this kind of thing, oops).

Little update: I am so sorry about the delay of this post. am trying to post every Tuesday and Friday. I am working on a project, which was the big news I was supposed to tell you last week, but it's taking a lot longer than I expected. I am not going to announce this project yet. I can't really tell how long it's gonna take because I am still working on it and it's hard to estimate. But as soon as I am finished, I will announce it to you (:

☼ Summer Lookbook ☼

A close-up shot of one of my favorite outfits (:

Here is the video:

Here are some more shots of the looks:

For this post, I was more focused on the video than the pictures, so that's why I don't have that many pictures or full outfit pictures.

Again, sorry about the delay, but I hope I'll be able to keep up this schedule in the future.
I do have a pretty busy life, well, starting this week it'll be busy, but I really want to try to manage to combine my blog with my life.

This was it for today's post
I hope you liked it!
Comment down below if you want to see more videos!

Thanks for reading! x

- Marit

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