Catrice HD Liquid Coverage Foundation || Review

Hi, guys!

Today I am going to review a budget foundation!
I've heard a lot about this foundation and wanted to try it out myself!
When it comes to picking out the right foundation and the right color, I am not a pro. In fact, I always seem to pick the wrong one.

If you wanna see if this foundation is actually right for me, then keep on reading!

Catrice HD Liquid Coverage Foundation Review

As you can see I got the color 02 Rose Beige. I tested it and it seemed like it was the right color for me. And surprise! It actually is the perfect color for me! I am so happy about that. At least I got step number 1 right. Now this foundation doesn't have a large range of colors. In fact, if I'm right it only has 4 colors. They are all pretty pale colors, which is a plus for pale people but it's unfortunate for those with a darker skin color.

The foundation does not have a pump but it actually has a dripper. I do love that because you are able to control the amount you want a lot better.

The foundation is in fact matte! I do like it, but I also love glowy skin so I do always add a ton of highlighter, hehe.

Sorry for the incredibly awkward and creepy picture :') But as you can see the foundation has a light to medium coverage. I put on just one thin layer with my finger on my forehead to show you the coverage. But the foundation is easily buildable to even a full coverage. I do love a medium coverage because I think it looks just a little more natural. The foundation doesn't look cakey at all which I am so incredibly glad about! It blends in incredibly well with the skin and you don't feel it for the rest of the day. The foundation stays on incredibly well! Also, it's not oily so perfect for oily skin and it doesn't make your face break out! 

Conclusion: This foundation is incredible. And it's budget. This is the first ever foundation that I actually love! I am so happy with it! You can buy this foundation at drugstores (: It's only 6,99! 

This was it for today's blog post! 
I hope you liked it!
Comment down below if you have tried this foundation (:

Thanks for reading! x

- Marit

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