🍂 Night Routine || Fall Edition 🍂

Hi guys!

Today I am showing you my night routine fall edition!
So fall is for me all about getting cozy and warm and just relaxing.
I hope you enjoy reading! Let's get on with this post! (:

Night Routine Fall Edition

I live for scented candles haha! Can you guess this scent? It has something to do with that bright green color :)

I always drink a hot drink at night before going to bed in the fall time. Why? Because it keeps me warm and honestly I just love it. So I usually pick either hot chocolate or tea, and today I chose tea! Usually, I also snack on something, but I was pretty full because I had some frozen yogurt after dinner. But if I did have a snack, it would have been popcorn :')

I always like to light some candles and put on some fairy lights in my room to make it even more cozy, because you know, it's fall and it's something I just need in fall :')

Time to get cozy! Putting on my pajamas and snuggling underneath a nice blanket.

So I obviously brush my teeth and wash my face and stuff, but I didn't want to show any of this because that's more for a skincare routine. So if you would like to see my skincare routine (night or morning) for Fall, let me know! I just wanted to share this face wash that I use, it's from a drugstores own brand and it has tea tree oil in it which I absolutely love. This face wash is absolutely amazing and helps so much with pimples and other imperfections.

And then it's time to relax with some Netflix (I am currently watching Modern Family), my phone, and my tea. After drinking my tea and watching a few episodes (because let's be fair, it's never just one episode), I go to sleep.

And that was my night routine!

I hope you liked it!
If you wanna see a skincare routine (Fall edition), please comment down below!
Thanks for reading! x

- Marit

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