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Hi, guys!

I'm so excited for this post!
I don't know if you know the brand Colourpop, but the past few months I heard a lot about the brand and started doing research. I fell in love with the products, but only through images. Shipping to my country costs a lot so I decided to wait for the right moment to order my first things. And I got what I wanted. Last week they had free international deliveries over $50, everything under $50 was $4,99 shipping. Normally shipping a few products costs about $25! So this was such a good deal and I couldn't resist. I didn't want to have additional costs so I ordered only 3 things. I also ordered a product before this deal in a group order so that we could split the shipping costs. Anyways, let's just get on with this post because I can't take the excitement anymore.

Colourpop Review

The products I ordered:
Tulle - Ultra Matte Lip (Liquid Lipstick)
Echo Park - Ultra Satin Lip
Brink - Lippie Stix
Paradox - Super Shock Eyeshadow (satin finish)

Right to left/Top to Bottom: Echo Park, Tulle, Brink, Paradox (without base). Tulle and Echo Park didn't 'dry' yet, so their matte or satin finish isn't that clear in the picture.

Echo Park

A beautiful pinky-nude with a satin finish. Doesn't dry out your lips, is very comfortable and long-wearing, although it does smudge a bit through the day (when eating and drinking) so you do need to retouch here and there. But I absolutely love it.


A very nice pinky-nude (almost the same color as Echo Park). It's like a creamy lip pencil. Applies smoothly, comfortable to wear, long-wearing, it does smudge so needs retouching throughout the day. Love this one as well.


A deep red, burgundy color with a satin finish. Extremely pigmented, easily blended, doesn't crease (but I use a base), and it's just a gorgeous color. The product applies very smoothly and is very soft. Loving it.


A deep and dark Burgundy color, with a brown warm undertone and a matte finish. It's absolutely gorgeous. It's long-wearing, doesn't smudge (unless you're gonna rub your lips like crazy), doesn't need retouching, is a little less comfortable (but that's easily solved by mixing just a little bit of some kind of oil, I use argan oil, with the product on the back of your hand and then apply. Don't add too much oil, though!), but still absolutely gorgeous! I love it, it's a perfect deep and dark fall color!

So I made a look with two of the products: Paradox and Echo Park. I blended Paradox in my crease and underneath my eye (blended it out very well for a softer look, which is hard to do with such an intense eyeshadow).

Conclusion: I want and need more Colourpop products! They are so amazing and so cheap (except the shipping fees :/), the lip products were $6 and the eyeshadow only $5 :O I am loving it!

I hope you liked this post!
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Thank you for reading! x

- Marit

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