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to my first Let's Chat post!

In this post, all I want to do is just chat with you guys! Today's post is about snow and my New Year's resolutions.

So first of all, snow. Yes, it finally snowed in my country. But today instead of snow, ice came falling from the sky. The streets are covered in ice and the KNMI had called a 'code red' a.k.a. dangerous weather, it is advised to stay inside. This obviously meant NO SCHOOL! And it is only the second day after winter break :') I went outside for a bit, and I saw all these kids ice skating on the streets. Luckily there weren't any big accidents, this is probably because everyone just stayed inside. I almost fell a few times so I went back inside after a few minutes :') These kind of weather conditions are pretty rare so it was really fun to experience it. I do hope though that the ice will melt soon so that the roads will be clear again. It would be nice to get through the winter without any major accidents.

On to the second thing I wanted to talk to you about. My new year's resolutions. So I'm not really the kind of person that is all like: I am going to do this next year, and this, and this. But last year I had set some goals for myself and most of them I actually fulfilled. I felt really good about myself after fulfilling them and I really found out that it got me more motivated for things. So I decided to do the cliché thing of setting goals for the new year (which is already this year because it's January the 5th). And today I want to share them with you.

1. Exercise more
Yes, the most hatred and oblivious goal. Though it is one of my goals this year. I used to play volleyball and I quit about 2-3 years ago. I've been feeling really tired lately and at school during PE I found out that I am not as fit as I used to be. Which is, of course, normal because I don't workout anymore. And to be honest, I've been really missing the feeling of fighting for something. Volleyball used to be the thing I fought for, and I miss it like hell. I also miss the great feeling after a workout. You just feel so damn good and happy. But the problem for me is motivation. I can never really find the motivation to workout. So I've been on Pinterest just looking for motivation tips :') Maybe I'll share the tips which worked best for me in a future blog post (:

2. Watch fewer TV-shows
This is an actual goal for me. I watch so many TV-shows that I kinda neglected school and avoided any social activities. So for this year, and I think I am going to fail, I want to watch fewer TV-shows and spent more quality time with friends and family.

3. Graduate (Cum Laude)
My main goal for this year is to graduate. Last year my grades were pretty bad so I decided to go to a lower level (our education system is divided into several levels). This decision turned out to be one of my best decisions even though it was a hard decision because I lost a lot of friends. But because of this decision my grades have increased a lot and this made me set a big goal for myself: I want to try to graduate cum laude. Graduating cum laude means that my average grade on my finals and my average grade on my school grades is, at least, an 8 or higher. This goal might be a bit of a high reach for me but I want to really try.

4. Get accepted into college
This is also one of the biggest goals for me, to get accepted into college. I hope to study Applied Psychology.

5. Just be me
So for me it is pretty hard to be myself, I guess. I am always afraid of people judging me. When I meet people or talk to people, the only thing I think about is: "What does this person think of me?" Now this isn't very good for my self-esteem, and that's why this year I want to try to be more myself, to not be afraid of other people's judgement and just to be more confident.

This was my blog post for today!
I hope you enjoyed reading it (:
Please let me know what your new year's resolutions are!

Thanks for reading!

- Marit

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