♔New Year's Eve Party Look!♔

Happy New Year!

2016, Wow. So weird. It's almost the 1-year-anniversary of this blog! I started blogging on January the 27th in 2015. I still have about 9 hours left before we celebrate the new year, but in Australia, it's already 2016. So I just wanted to wish everyone a happy new year.

In this blog post, I am going to show you my makeup look for tonight! It might be a bit late for some people, haha, but I still hope you enjoy this post!

New Year's Eve Party Look!

Because I don't have any glittery or sparkly item in my wardrobe, I decided to put the sparkle for New Year's Eve on my eyes. Sorry for the bright lighting in these pictures, the sun just decided it was time for him to shine really bright.

 So again for this look, I decided to just show you how to do the eyes. If you wanna see my entire makeup routine, read my Fall Makeup Look post (:

Little notation first: I am so so sorry for my funky eyebrows. I still need to get them done :$
So first I am using one of the lightest browns in this palette (Catrice Absolute Matte Palette), and I am applying this on my entire eyelid.

Then I took a somewhat darker brown and applied this in my crease. Unfortunately, the difference between the two colors wasn't visible on camera :(

Then I took the darkest brown color (so not the dark gray color!) and put this in my outer corner.

Last but not least I am using my Eye sorbet from Essence in the color 06 Illuminating Coconut and I am focusing this on the middle of my eye. This gives it the New Year's Eve sparkle that I wanted.

And that's the final look! Just add some mascara and maybe a nice lip color. I decided to make my lips a bit pinker.

I hope you all have a great New Year's Eve!

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Thanks for reading!

- Marit

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