My Favorite SS16 Fashion Trends


another fashion related post!
Today I will be rambling about the Spring/Summer 2016 Fashion Trends. I'll also tell you about trends from last year that I think will be coming back this year.
So I am not a professional when it comes to fashion at all. All I do is follow the latest fashion trends and wear whatever I like to wear. This post is all about my own opinion.

I got the pictures from the internet, so all the credits of those pictures go to their rightful owner(s).

My Favorite SS16 Fashion Trends

1. Off the shoulder

I can pretty much say that, besides the 90's trend, this is one of my favorite trends ever. Off the shoulder looks are so beautiful. It's kinda sexy, yet cute. We've already seen this trend last year, but I think it'll be even bigger this year. I will definitely wear as much off the shoulder things as I can.

2. Back to the 90's

This style has been big for a pretty long time, and it's still here. Why? Because it's an awesome trend. The 90's, but then made into something a little bit more modern. I am loving the 90's look. I wore a lot of 90's stuff last year and will be participating in this trend yet again. This trend is probably gonna last a long time.

3. Bohemian

Another trend that we've already seen, but it's about to get even bigger. Crochet swimwear, Jamaican colors, floral loose dresses - Just everything is more Bohemian than ever. I love the bohemian style, but I am not an all out person with this one. I won't be wearing the crochet swimwear and the all out color combinations, but I am loving the loose fit clothes, festival style stuff.

4. Midi/Maxi dresses and stripes

So this trend, as far as I've seen, hasn't been that huge. But it's coming back this spring and I love it. Midi dresses and maxi dresses are super cute and make feel so happy and summery :) The stripes have always been a spring thing. And to be honest, I wear stripes every season. Probably a bit more during spring/summer, but still. I love this trend because it's a trend everyone can and probably will follow. At least, I know I will :)

These were my 4 favorite trends for SS16 :)
I really hope you enjoyed reading it! 
Comment down below which trend is your favorite :) (Mine is 'Off the shoulder')
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Thanks for reading!

- Marit

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