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Welcome to my second unboxing post!
My February box just arrived and I decided to unbox it right away for you. I also wanted to do a Valentines day related post, but I will be posting that tomorrow! (: I hope you enjoy this post, and let's get to the unboxing!

Styletone February Box Unboxing

I can already tell you, I am excited. A lot of the products were wrapped, so I couldn't see them at first, but I did see some big products in this months box! Let's get to the first product!

As you can see the box is filled with some awesome goodies again!

So the first thing I grabbed was this Lord and Berry Lip crayon. I already have a lip crayon from Lord and Berry - a bit different than this one, though - but I was happy to receive another one. You could either receive a deep floral color called 'Bouquet', or the color that I got, called 'Vertige'. It is this bright red color with an orange tone to it. The crayon lipstick is easily applicated, smooth and has a lot of pigment. Love it!
Price: €20,00

The next thing I found was this purple nail polish by Nails Inc. So there were 6 different colors, and I got this beautiful deep purple color. I absolutely love the color, even though it is not a color I'd normally wear on my nails. In the little magazine that you get with the box, it says "Because of revolutionary technology and its big brush, these ultra glossy, high shine gel effect nail polishes glide on effortlessly and create a perfect Gel manicure, without the use of a UV lamp!". I tried it out on one of my nails, and omg, it's amazing. The description is absolutely true, and that while I only put on one coat.
Price: €16,00

The next thing I came across was this, and my mouth literally fell open. It has 'Styletone' on it. When I read the magazine my expectations were true, they have their own brand! And this is their first ever product! It's called "The perfectionist glass nail file". It's a simple product, but I like it. I've never used a glass nail file before and I must say, I am not the biggest fan of using it. My nails are really long and I always forget to file them to the point when they actually break :/ So I love having a nail file with me. But I normally use the ones with the sandpaper texture, but maybe I'll use this one once I get used to it.
Price: €15,00

Are you freaking out just as much as I am? I secretly already saw this laying in the box, but I waited before I opened it. I am so excited about this. I love cream contouring! Love, love, love! So this is a cream contour palette by City Color. The packaging is really nice and easy to handle, it closes with a magnet. Okay, so I swatched these colors for you, but unfortunately, my arm is about the same color as the contour and bronzer, so they're not as visible. The pigment is not too good, I must say. Which really is a disappointment. I think cream contouring palettes need to be really well pigmented. But this is more of a palette you use for a subtle look. I do still really like it, though, and will definitely use it, but my excitement would've been greater if the pigment was really good. I'll show you the swatches:

My face has a different and much lighter skin tone, though, so I think it will work. The highlighter is gorgeous, it has nice shimmers, not too subtle and not too much. The bronzer is a beautiful warm color with a little bit of shimmer in it. The contour is a darker ashy toned and matte color (it does kind of shimmer though but that's because of the consistency/greasiness).
Price: €9,99

Last but not least! These two hand creams by Figs and Rouge. So everyone got both of these scents in their box: Rose Berry and Mango Mandarin. Rose Berry is a sweet scent. I do not prefer really sweet scents but this one isn't too sweet. Mango Mandarin is my favorite, though. It's a really nice and fruity scent, with a little bit of freshness to it. The hand creams are nice and moisturizing but not like very greasy moisturizing. More of a... dry moisturizing? Haha, I am not good at describing this :')
Anyways, I really love it! Also, these tubes are so cute and like perfect travel size!
Price: €5,25 each

And that was it for this months box! Wow! I love how diverse it is! Face, lips, hands and nails. The box is of really good value this month, and I love that Styletone now has their first own product. I am going to give this box 4 out of 5 kittens! Because I love kittens, and I love this box! I am so excited for my next box and I hope you are too! I'll speak to you tomorrow in my valentines day post!

I hope you liked this post (:
Comment down below which product you liked most or which one you'd like to try out!
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Thanks for reading! x

- Marit

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