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For today, I have something special. A review. It's a review of the I Heart Chocolate Salted Caramel palette by Makeup Revolution. This palette is a dupe of the very famous chocolate bar palettes by Too Faced. And today, I will be reviewing this dupe (: Enjoy!

I Heart Chocolate Salted Caramel Palette Review

Don't you just love the look of this palette? I do! It's so cute (:
The eyeshadows smell a little bit like vanilla, not too strong, which I like.
Now let's see how pigmented these colors are!

Wow! Yes, to my surprise, these colors are incredibly well pigmented (for a dupe!). Some colors like Cake and Heavenly aren't that pigmented, but those colors are nice and subtle. I am amazed about how pigmented some of these colors are. Delicious and Yum! are good highlighters; a matte one, and a shimmery one. My favorite colors are the ones on the last row (see the last picture), gorgeous. That for only €9,99! :O

So here I made a quick little look with Yum! and Spoon. I put Yum on my eyelid and in the corner of my eye. I put Spoon in my crease and a little underneath my eye. Really simple, nothing special. I am definitely not a professional with eyeshadow, but hey, at least, I tried :')

My conclusion: This is such good quality for a budget palette. The colors look amazing and are well pigmented. I love it! You too?

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I hope you liked this post (:
Comment down below what your favorite color of this palette is!

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