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Because I am an Applied Psychology student, I thought it'd be fun to post a somewhat more psychology related post (:

So for today's Psychology post: How to think positive!
In general, I am a pretty positive person. That doesn't take away the fact that I can be annoyed or negative about something. To try to stay as positive as you can and help you through those negative times (which can be horribly depressing), I am giving you tips on how to think positive in situations that you'd usually sink away in negative thoughts, like when you're on the edge of depression.

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How To Think Positive

1. Believe in yourself!
Believing in yourself and being confident is a big (well, HUGE) part of thinking positive. If you're not comfortable with yourself and are really insecure, you'll feel like you're a failure or that you can't do anything good. By having a little more faith in yourself and not giving up on something you will start to feel better about yourself. Whatever if you failed at something? Pick yourself up again and walk further with your head up high. I know it can be hard to be confident because I was the most insecure person the last few years. But I have been building up my confidence by getting out of my comfort zone. Getting out of your comfort zone will bring you in situations where you don't know what to do and feel awkward. Well, deal with it. By dealing with it, you will learn how to adapt which will grow your confidence in other 'unknown' or uncomfortable situations. All you have to is believe in yourself. I promise you, it worked for me. My confidence has grown incredibly since the past 2 years, and I am really happy where I am at now, but I am still not at the point I want to be. It does take a long time, but that's why it's so important to believe in yourself and to not give up. I believe in you, now you believe in you. You can do it!

2. Search for positive quotes (and save them!)
I know, really cheesy, but just look up positive quotes. It has helped me incredibly much because the fact that those positive quotes exist means that there are others out there who also need a bit of push in the positive direction. You're not alone. And as cheesy as that sounds, it's also my next tip;

3. You're not alone
There are so many others out there with the same problems as you. Have you ever searched how many people live on this earth? A lot. I promise you, there are many that go through the same thing as you, or have been through the same thing. So? So look for people to talk to, like on websites. Just search on google, or talk to people in your community. I know it's hard to take that step, but talking about it makes you feel so much better.

4. Don't let anyone, not even that voice in your own mind, tell you what to do
Don't let people judge, I know you're afraid of judgment; I was too. Not anymore. Because I feel accepted. I know my friends would never judge me for anything. If you don't feel like your friends would accept you, then talk to your parents or a psychologist. They (most likely) won't judge you and will make you feel accepted. So don't let those judgmental people tell you what to do! Not even your own mind. I know your mind can sometimes say: "I'd rather stay home", even though you would maybe have liked that party. Don't let that voice in your mind tell you what to do, if you somewhere in your heart feel like you want to go, then go! Don't let that voice in your mind stop you from having fun. If you do this more often,  even if you start to feel uncomfortable at parties, your mind will eventually shut up and let you have fun. Because if you don't listen to it, you will regain control of your own mind, and you will start to have fun at parties again. It worked for me. I know it's hard because sometimes you feel so incredibly uncomfortable at parties and all you want to do is run home and go to bed (watch Netflix or something), but the best is to stay and get out of your comfort zone. Push those boundaries, because those boundaries don't exist in reality, they're all made up in your mind.

These were my best tips and advice to share with you, from a personal perspective. I've been through a hard time in my life, maybe even close to depression, and these things worked really well for me. It was a hell, but I am glad I got out of it. I can look at the world and my life more positively now, and I am so happy about that. And I really hope that this will work for you to and that it will help you.

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