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Heellloooo everyone

Today is another makeup look post! *Cheering*
I am absolutely obsessed with the 90's trends.
There are obviously some things that I'm not sure about, but the dark mauve lips and slightly dark brown eyes is something I love. Such a grunge look but still so sophisticated.
I am going to show you my version of the 90's look and I hope you enjoy it!

90's Inspired Makeup Look

Do you love the 90's trend as much as I do? Then keep on reading because I am going to show you how to create this 90's inspired makeup look!

Put on my choker just for this occasion (: Thought it would look nice with the whole 90's look. I only moisturized my face. I am not putting on any foundation. I did though put on just a tiny bit of concealer to cover up some of my spots and imperfections.

Right on to the eyes. I'm starting off with a matte dark brown color. I am putting this in my crease and going a bit above my crease.

Then I am intensifying this look by blending it all and also putting just one shade darker on top of it.

Then I am putting a shiny copper color on my entire lid (in this picture just the eye on the left).

I am intensifying this color as well by making my finger wet, grabbing some of the eyeshadow and dabbing it on the middle of my eyelid.

Then I highlight my brow bone and my inner corners with a somewhat golden shimmery eyeshadow.
And that's it for the eyeshadow look. Incredibly simple and subtle.

Time for some mascara! (:
I always feel like mascara and eyebrows just make the look complete. You can't go without either of them.

Filling in my eyebrows the way I usually do (Sometimes I use powder, sometimes pencil. For this look I used my pencil).

And that's it for the eyes. For my face, I decided to just highlight. So no contouring nor bronzer nor blush. This because I wanted to keep it really simple. But contouring would've intensified the look, I think, so you can go either way.

And then, to totally finish off this look, I am applying my favorite Matte lipstick; MAC in the color Whirl. It's so gorgeous :O Read all about this lipstick in my review.

And this is the finished look! I absolutely love this look and it's definitely something you can wear every day. It's not too heavy, yet still really grunge-looking. For me, 90's is the way to go!
I hope you liked this post!
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What 90's trend(s) do you love?

Thanks for reading! x

- Marit

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