☼ My Choker Collection ☼


I welcome you to yet another blog post (:
Today I am going to show you my choker 'collection'.
I hope you like it!

My Choker Collection

Chokers? Yes, please! Either you love em', or you hate em'. Well, I am a person who's absolutely obsessed with them! They look so edgy and grungy and I love it! I am totally in love with the 90's style and chokers are one of my favorite things ever from the 90's. I will be showing you the 7 chokers that I currently own, but I think my collection will get bigger :')

All the chokers are from AliExpress and the prices arrange between  0,62 -  1,40 a piece.

These were all of my chokers! The first one (triangle + marble) is my favorite. I also really love the one with the sun. I wear those the most but I like to switch between the others too. I don't wear a choker every day, though. But I do wear them a lot.

This was it for today's blog post!
I hope you liked it!
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Which choker do you like the most? And do you love chokers as much as I do?

Thanks for reading! x

- Marit

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