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Today I have another Styletone unboxing for you (: It's a bit late, sorry about that.
I hope you enjoy this post! (:

Styletone box July Unboxing

I'm loving what I see already! Come on, let's dive in!

A lipgloss. Hmm. I am not a big fan of lipglosses. I never wear them. They are too sticky for me. And so is this lipgloss. I love the packaging, it looks really sophisticated and modern. The color looks amazing too. I am just not a lipgloss girl.

Brand: Gleam & Melanie Mills
Price: 21,99

Loose fixing powder! YASS! I needed this. I didn't have this in my stash yet but was looking for one to add to my stash. I am so happy it came with this box and I am loving this powder. It smells amazing, isn't totally white so it's perfect for most skin tones. It applies really nice, doesn't vapor (visibly). The finish is really smooth and not too matte. It doesn't make your makeup look cakey. This powder is a yes from me!

Brand: Wibo
Price: 11,99

Another thing I am loving so much! An eye pencil in this beautiful warm copper color. My gosh, I am dying for this color! Isn't it amazing? I love to apply this like an eyeliner and slightly smudge it out for a subtle look. Yes, yes, yes! I am loving this box so far.

Brand: Avril
Price: 3,00

Mascara! Hooray! Mascara is always welcome because I go through them so quickly! I love the look of this mascara. It's unfortunately not too volumizing as my other mascaras. It makes them look less thick and long. It also smudges really quickly so it's always a big mess working with this mascara. But nonetheless, I am loving this subtle look. Look how spread apart my lashes are :O I don't ever get them like this :O Apart from the smudging, I am loving this mascara.

Brand: Jelly Pong Pong
Price: 23,95

And last but not least, a mattifying topcoat! I never had one of these topcoats. But I love it! You just put it on top of any nail polish color you like and it makes it matte! I have heard that it doesn't work with every brand of nail polish, though, but so far I haven't had any problems! As you can see on the picture the matte effect isn't too strong. It doesn't look icy or anything, but it is matte. I do love this subtle look. If you're more an all the way matte person you probably won't like this as much.

Brand: Nails inc.
Price: 16,90

And that was another unboxing! I am loving Styletone boxes and especially this box. It always surprises me with the products. Sometimes I am more disappointed with the products but this time, I am extremely happy. I can use 4/5 products, except the lipgloss, which makes me really happy. The powder is going into my daily makeup routine, which is a big plus. I love the nail polish because I haven't had anything like that before. So for this box, I am giving 4,5/5 stars! :O It was a good variety of different makeup products which are actually usable! Definitely my favorite box of all time.

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What is your favorite product from this month's box?
- Mine is the fixing powder

Thanks for reading! x

- Marit

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