➳ Primark Haul || Spring/Summer 2015

Welcome to my new blog post (:

Yaay(: I went to Primark yesterday. I was so excited to see their collection. Unfortunately, for me, it wasn't all that special. I did however find some hidden diamonds in the collection that I bought and I am going to show you now!


 So first I got this. This is a bit daring for me. It is a maxi dress. I just love the pattern and I love the back of the dress. Don't know if I can pull this off, but I'll try to wear/style it as much as I can in the summer (: Price: € 10,00

 This is the second thing I bought. A striped croptop with cut-out shoulders. Stripes is definitely a musthave for the spring/summer, but also cut-out shoulders are a big thing this season. So I just had to get it (: Price:   7,00

Plain black T's are a definite musthave in every women's closet. And mine didn't fit anymore. After a while I realised I really needed a new one. So when we were shopping at Primark, I found one and bought it (: Price: € 3,30

Jumpsuits/Playsuits are big this spring/summer. I didn't own one yet. In the Primark they had lots of playsuits and jumpsuits. But when I saw this one, I had to get it. The design and the print are absolutely amazing. It's a kind of Aztec print. The front is adorable and the back is lower as the front. I am going to be wearing this a lot I think (: Price: € 7,00

 I really needed a handbag. My last one broke, and I just needed something simple again. I saw this one in the bag section, and I loved it. It has many pockets and has cute golden details (: Price: € 15,00

 I am a sunglasses-lover. I don't know why, but just as how much I love shoes and other accessories, I also love sunglasses. What you see a lot now are hipster-sunglasses. You know, the round big sunglasses. Well, that was what I was looking for, but when I was trying them on I found out those glasses didn't fit with my face shape. I have a pretty round face (Some call it a babyface), so rounded sunglasses just don't fit with that and just make my face look even fatter. I am more someone who goes for the rectangle shape. But I did want a fancy pair of sunglasses. When I came across this pair, I took it with me, because as you can see they're so simple yet so fancy (: Price: € 2,50
 Well, with this I don't have a big story. I just needed socks. Yeah, that's it. Price: € 3,-

 Hmm.. Well I just wanted a sports bra. That's kind of the story behind this hehe. It is really really tight though, so I think I'm gonna buy another one at H&M. Price: €3,-

 Because I wear a lot of tank tops in the summer, it's easier to wear a bandeau top underneath. And I didn't have one yet. So I came across this one, and I bought it. This one is also really tight, but I guess that is normal since it is a bandeautop :') Price: € 3,-

What I've seen a lot lately is bandanas. I saw this at Primark and decided to take one with me. It's black so it practically goes with everything. But I just wanted to try it out, you know? (: Price: € 2,-

 If you have read my other posts, you know that I am going to Rome this may (: I just needed a suitcase for this. Me and my mom came across this one at the Primark and it was very inexpensive for a suitcase. Besides that, it's really lightweight and is an amazingly good design. I don't know if the quality is that good, but I'll probably won't use it as much. Price: € 33,00.

 I saw that Primark now also had their own hair brand. I already knew about the makeup brand, but I when I saw this I just had to try it out. They also had a shampoo, but I love my own shampoo, so I decided to just take the conditioner. Besides that my conditioner was also empty so I was just excited to try it out. I will be posting a review of this (: Price: € 2,-

Also not a very big story with this. I had these last time and enjoyed them really much. They also had different kinds but I heard from a friend that she had one that smelled really grose. So I decided to stick with my trusted one and got another pack of these Make-up cleaning wipes. I think they're really good (: Price: €1,50 for two pack.

After going to the Primark, we also went to the New Yorker. And that's where I bought the next few things. I saw this simple shirt and I just loved the fabric and the details. So I decided to take it with me (: Price: € 9,95

Last but not least, I got these two cami's at New Yorker. I just needed some simple cami's so I just got the standard black and white one. P.S. I just love how the background/contrast changes with the color of the top (: Price: Each for €2,95

I hope you liked this post (:
If you have any suggestions for a blog post, comment down below (:

☀ Thanks so much for reading! x 

- Marit

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