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Today I wanted to give you some ideas for activities you could do with your friends! For if you don't know what to do, or you just don't have any friends and want to read what you're missing out on :') (I don't have any friends either). Anyways, I still hope you enjoy this post (:

10 Activities to do with your friends!

1. Netflix and chill nights
My favorite kind of nights. I love watching my favorite tv-shows or movies with my friends. You do have to make an agreement with everyone to not touch your phones! Because most of the time everyone is on their phones when the movie has just begun.

2. Go for a hike/walk!
Baby, it's cold outside. And I know it's cold outside. But you'll totally (kinda, not really) forget about that as soon as you're with your friends outside. Go to the woods, collect pinecones, make pictures. My friends and I love to have a photoshoot in the woods, that's one of our favorite activities

3. Bake something!
So fun to do! Especially with your friends. Bake all the things you guys love and the big bonus is: You can eat everything afterward :')

4. Go iceskating!
A winter activity you can't miss out on. We love it. Chasing each other, falling and laughing at each other.

5. Sleepover
Sleepovers are obviously so fun. What we do during a sleepover is just staying up all night, playing games, watching movies etc.

6. Go shopping!
If you and your friends love shopping, then go shopping! Have lunch at the mall, shop til' you drop. My favorite activity if you ask me. It does wear me out, though.

7. Go to the cinema
This might not be the most active activity, but it really fun though. If you all have the same interests and you all want to see a certain movie, then go watch it!

8. Clean up your wardrobes and give your old clothes to a shelter/charity
This is not only fun to do with your friends, you'll also feel really good about yourself. And after cleaning up your wardrobe, you have an excuse to go shopping again! If this didn't already convince you to do this right now, then I don't know what will.

9. Decorate a gingerbread house!
This looks so fun. Yeah, 'looks'. I have actually never done this, but I want to do it so bad. We don't really do this here in the Netherlands. unfortunately. But someday, I definitely will. And it's an excuse to eat as much candy as you can :')

10. Caraoke!
It's a mix between karaoke and car (if you didn't get that already). Jump in a car (if you have your drivers license!) and drive around town, looking at peoples beautifully decorated houses while your blasting the radio out loud and singing along. I love to do this with my friends, not just in the car, though :')

I hope you got some inspiration out of this and now know what to do with your friends :')

I hope you liked this post (:
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☀ Thanks so much for reading! x 

- Marit

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