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I am so incredibly sorry.. hehe

I haven't posted for.. 5 days. That is so crazy. And I am sorry. I think it's more of a disappointment to myself than to you, but I am sorry anyways. I was so crazy busy the past week, that I just didn't have the time to do anything other than studying. But now, it's Winter Break (and I am so freaking excited). I won't be catching up til this day with Blogmas because that's just too much in too little time. So for now, I'll only be posting today's Blogmas, and you can expect another Blogmas post until December 25th. On December 25th I'll be posting a special Christmas post, so look forward to that post (:

Today I decided to post one of my favorite Winter makeup looks. I posted a similar one in November, but that was a Fall makeup look. But I also wanted to show a somewhat different version, for if you're not a big fan of lipstick. So let's get into it:

Winter Makeup Look

For this look, I decided to just focus on the eyes. I am going for dark eyes and nude lips. So Today I will only show you how I made this eye look. If you want to see how I do my foundation and all that kinda stuff, you'll have to read my Fall Makeup Look post.

So here I already have on my foundation, concealer, and bronzer. I didn't do much contouring, though. I also filled in my eyebrows.

I started with highlighting my inner corners and my brow bone with the white color of my Catrice matte palette. Then I put one of the lightest brown colors on my entire eyelid.

Sorry for my eyebrows by the way. They're not on fleek at all.
Anyways. Now it's time to bring in the darker colors. So I first put the dark brown color of the Catrice palette in my crease and also underneath my waterline. Then I used the dark gray color of this little Quattro palette from Essence. I put this color on the outer corner of my eye. And then it was time for blending.

Time to bring in some glitter. I used the white/cream glitter from this little palette. It's the Sun Club palette by Essence.

All that's left now is mascara (, eyeliner, but I was too lazy, as usual) and a nude lip. You might have noticed that I only used really cheap budget products for this look. I don't own a lot of high-end makeup products, but I still wanted to show that you can easily make a nice look with cheap products. It may not look as professional, but still, it's something :')

Anyways, I still hope you liked this post, even though I am not such a professional :')
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☀ Thanks so much for reading! x 

- Marit

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