❄DIY Cute Christmas Cards || Blogmas #8❄

Welcome to Blogmas day 8!

Today, like I said in yesterday's post, I will share an easy and cute DIY with you (:
It's that time of the year in which you send a lot of cards to family and friends. What I always really love is when people make their own cards. It's just a little bit more special and personalized. In this post I will share 4 different cards with you. They are really easy to make and very cute. So let's get started!

DIY Cute Christmas Cards

1. Snowman

What you'll need:
- Scissors (I used decorative edge ones)
- White paper
- Black paper
- Red Paper
- Black marker
- Orange marker
- Golden pen
- Glue
- Black Yarn

So first you want to cut out your card. I decided to make this card vertical. Then you have to cut out a big circle out of the red paper, like so:

Next step is to cut 3 circles out of the white paper. One big one, one medium, one small. This is obviously to make the snowman figure. After you did this, glue the circles onto the red circle (in the desired snowman shape) and glue this all together on your card.

Now get your black marker and draw its eyes, mouth, hat, and buttons. Then get your orange marker and draw the nose of your snowman.

The last step is to put glue around the neck of the snowman and a bit on its side, so you can glue the yarn on there. This is (obviously) the scarf. And you're done! All you gotta do now is write a personalized message and something like 'Merry Christmas' or 'Happy Holidays' on the front.

2. Christmas trees

This one is probably the most difficult and time-consuming, but it's totally worth it.
What you'll need:
- Scissors
- Paper of choice
- Brown paper
- Yellow paper (I used a pastel yellow color)
- White paint (I used acrylic paint)
- Water
- Glue
- Needle and thread
- Golden pen (or any color you'd prefer)

So first start with cutting out your card. For this card I decided to make a horizontal one. Then lay it flat on a paper (this is just as a precaution because you're going to make a mess. Also wearing some old clothes is advised). Now get your paint, and as a paint thinner I just used water. Now tap your brush lightly to kind of 'sprinkle' the paint onto the paper. This will look like snow.

Now it's time to get your paper of choice (I chose this one with stripes), and cut some Christmas trees out of it. I decided to go with three little trees. After cutting them, fold them in half and open them again. Also, cut a few stars out of the yellow paper. These stars will go on top of the Christmas tree. Now glue the top of the tree to the paper and glue the star on it (I first didn't do this, but it's easier to glue it first because the next step is going to be the annoying part). Then get your needle and thread and first make some holes in the Christmas tree and paper so you have a guideline of where to stick the thread through. Then just sew the Christmas tree on.

Repeat this with all the trees, and you're done! Not that difficult, but it does take a little more time. But the result is amazing (: Now write 'Merry Christmas' on the card and write a personalized message inside (:

3. Lightbulbs

What you'll need:
- Scissors
- Yarn
- Markers in different colors (I used yellow, green, blue, red and orange)
- Glue
- White Paper

Again the frist step is to obviously cut out your card. I decided to go with a horizontal card. Now all you do is glue a line on the paper, on where you want the yarn to go. Then place the yarn on it. I did two lines.

It doesn't really matter if it's a bit messy (mine was really messy, though :')) since it's a personalized card. As soon as the glue has dried, get your markers and start drawing little light bulbs.

That's it (: Really easy but really cute. Now all you got to do is write your personalized message and you're done (:

4. Christmas Holly

What you'll need:
- Black paper
- Green paper
- Red paper
- Holly stencil
- Scissors
- Glue

This one is really easy. You can either do this by just drawing a holly out on paper and cutting it out or use a stencil. We had these really nice stencils at home so I used one of those with a holly on it. I did cut my own red circles, though. Anyways, first cut out your card again. I made mine horizontal. 

Then cut out the holly, find a nice spot where to put it and glue it on the card. 

That's how easy it is. Really simple yet really cute. If you're a person that wants to go all out on Christmas cards instead of doing simple things like this one, then I am not the person to show you how to do that :') At least not this time. I was kind of in a hurry so I didn't have a lot of time to make the best Christmas cards ever. I do however think that they turned out pretty well, don't you think?

And these are the final results! (I had to fade the background just a bit hehe)

P.S. Sorry for some bad quality pictures :/ My camera wasn't really happy with the lighting in my room.

I hope you liked this post (:
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☀ Thanks so much for reading! x 

- Marit

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