❄Fall Photography || Blogmas #2❄

Blogmas Day 2! WoopWoop!

This time, I am here to show you the pictures I made this Fall. I don't have a lot to tell you about these pictures, but I still hope you enjoy this post! Tomorrow I will post another Blogmas post, so look forward to that! (Hint: It's about Christmas :'))

Fall Photography

This is a 'selfie' I took. I loved the colors of the leaf and the way it made my eye stand out. Just warm colors in this picture and that's why I loved it. It gives the perfect reflection of fall.

This was a sunny Fall day. I loved how the sun shone through the trees, it looked like it was the end of a warm summer day.

This is a picture I love because of its contrast. Light against dark, but it's still really subtle because of the gradient. Slowly going from red to orange to yellow to green to dark green to brown :') Haha, I don't know how else to explain it I guess. I also love the position of the tree. Not just boring in the middle I guess :')

So I put a filter on this picture because I just loved how it looked with that filter (btw, I used the filter F2 on VSCO cam). Again, it's the contrast that does it for me. The dark green with dark brown, so mysterious. I don't know why but I just love the combination of colors in this picture.

Yeah, again a tree (also with the filter F2). What else should I photograph? I mean, it's fall :') We don't really have pumpkins here so, I guess I'm stuck with the trees :') I can't really explain why I like this picture since there's not really anything interesting to see :') But yeah, it just appeals to me.

Sigh. A tree? Again? Seriously, though, I've got to stop photographing trees :') But you know, there's also a bridge in this picture! The thing I love the most about fall are the colors. As well as in this picture. Again there's a filter on this one, the same as the other pictures. But I just love how the colors look with that filter. So dark and mysterious. Not anything too interesting or exciting, though.

No trees, just bushes. What a change. The thing I love about this is the "Light at the end of the tunnel" effect. That dark green is really making me happy. I think that's why I love all the pictures. That dark green color is one of my favorite colors now :) Haha.

I loved this picture because those branches kind of look like veins. It looks very mysterious, in my opinion. Again with a filter. But I love the darkness of this picture, ghehe.

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