❄Merry Christmas Everybody! || Blogmas #25❄

Merry Christmas!

Welcome to Blogmas day 25! The last day!
Like I said today's post is a special post because it's freakin' Christmas~!
Today I am going to show you two looks for Christmas :)

So Christmas is beside a time of receiving and loving also a time of, what a lot of people forget, giving. Giving is the most important of Christmas. All we focus on is what we'll get for Christmas. Now you might say that this is not something I can judge since my family doesn't celebrate Christmas with presents underneath the tree. But it is a time for us to think about what a great life we have. Things that other people around the world don't have. 'Yeah but we already think about that during Thanksgiving'. So we can't think about it during Christmas? During Thanksgiving, it's more of a time to think about what you're thankful for meanwhile during Christmas, you actually make sure that other people can be thankful as well. You give them presents, or maybe even give food to the homeless. Doctors/Firemen/Police/Military, just everyone who can't be at home with their families during Christmas, they need to know that, even though they can't be with their loved ones, they are giving people a life, hope, love or they just help them. I think it's absolutely wonderful what sacrifices they make, especially during Christmas. So Christmas is also a time about thinking what wonderful people there are in this world, and not to forget to also give something to them too. Thank them. I just wanted to remind everyone of this. Because I know that a lot of people forget about the actual thought behind Christmas. I can also say; Jesus Christ was born this day. But not everyone is religious or wants to hear that story (again), that's why I am telling you about what you should be thinking about during Christmas. And not just during Christmas, but every single day of the year. And yes, I forget this too, a lot of the time to be honest. But I try my best, and I think that's all you can do. I love to cheer people up and help them, but I'm not perfect. I can be selfish too. I'm too tired to go help people, what's your excuse? Seriously, though, it feels so good to just cheer people up and help them. It will make you happy, and the ones you helped will be happy as well. That is what Christmas is all about. To make you realize that helping people and making them happy feels so incredibly good and you should do it your entire life. Of course, you have your own needs too, but that doesn't mean you haven't got a little time to satisfy other people's needs. That's the Christmas spirit. x

❄Christmas Outfits❄
So, I don't know if you're gonna hate me for this or not, but I am not a big fan of glitter. That's why I don't have anything - literally anything - with glitter in my closet. I'm 100% serious. That's also why I am not wearing anything sparkly for Christmas. My idea of a Christmas outfit is neat yet comfortable. The weather was pretty bad so I didn't get to shoot very many pictures :$ I hope you like it anyway!

Outfit 1: Fancy but loose dress

So this first outfit may seem a bit cold for this weather, but I mean, if you're gonna stay inside the whole time, it's no problem. I loved this dress because it's really loose yet a little fancy because of its back. It has a beautiful little cutout at the back, and the sleeves are about halfway your arms. I paired this dress with some tights, knee high socks, and Chelsea boots. If it does get a little cold, you can either put a jacket on or - what I did - take a blanket scarf with you. 

Dress - Clockhouse
Knee high socks - H&M
Chelsea Boots - Cellini

Outfit 2: Fancy Sweaterweather 


Forgive me for my totally awkward faces in these pictures, my entire life is just.. Awkward. Anyways. For this outfit, I wanted something dressy again, but you can easily just wear jeans instead of a skirt. I chose this black skater skirt and put this cream/beige or sand colored sweater on top. The sweater doesn't have a turtle neck nor a mock neck, but it has a bit of high neck. I am again wearing the same tights, boots and knee socks, but in the lower picture I had the socks down because I also like how that looked. To make this look even fancier, I paired it with my pearl statement necklace and that's the complete look.

Sweater - Primark
Necklace - Primark
Skirt - Clockhouse

And this was my Christmas post already. I had an awesome Christmas with my family. We first went to church and after church, we visited some family. And then at home we kinda watched TV-shows and all just did our own things. And after that, we had a delicious dinner!

I hope your Christmas was awesome too!
Please comment down below how your Chrismas was/is!❄
I also hope you liked this post!
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Sadly enough Blogmas is over - and I failed pretty hard - but I will keep posting more! Not every day, because that's too big of a task for me, but just as much as I can. 

Thanks for reading!

- Marit

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