❄What to buy a girl for Christmas? || Blogmas #5❄


Welcome to Blogmas day 5!
I am so happy! Blogging about Christmas just makes me happy :)
In today's post, I will give you a few ideas what to buy a girl for Christmas. Just for whenever you're stuck and you just don't know what to buy. I have a range from girly presents to tomboy presents. Not just some little stupid presents, but presents that a girl will actually love and get much use out of.

So here is a list of what you could buy for a girl:

1. Makeup
If you're a boy and you have to buy something for a girl, you most of the time end up buying the standard stuff. But you could also buy makeup for a girl. Well, at least when it's a girly girl who likes makeup. But you probably don't know what exactly to buy because you don't really know any makeup products or brands. Do some research! Watch youtube videos of girls putting on makeup. Buy one of those makeup products. Things you can never really go wrong with:
- Eyeshadow palette
- Eyeliner
- Mascara
Don't ever buy foundation, concealer or anything else that is based on skin color. Because it would be such a shame if you'd buy the wrong color.

2. Lush
Do you know the brand Lush? Lush has amazing products for bath, shower, skin and hair. Their products are so amazing and you can never go wrong with anything from Lush. A girl always loves to have a nice bath with a bath bomb or bubble bar. Don't worry about the smell, because all their things smell amazing. Unless the girl you're buying something for isn't very into sweet smells. Then I'd consider buying products somewhere else.

3. Headphones/Earphones
We love headphones/earphones. Listening to music is (for most girls) one of our favorite things to do. Worry if she already has headphones/earphones? Well, it doesn't matter, we're always happy with an extra pair!

4. Fuzzy socks or Onesies
We love warm clothes, especially during the winter. So consider buying fuzzy socks or a onesie. You don't have to worry about if she would like the color or pattern because they are meant for wearing inside and not meant for being a fashionable item. Besides, most onesies and fuzzy socks are super cute.

5. A movie
If you know the girl you're buying something for a bit better and you know kind of what movies she likes, consider buying a movie to maybe watch together. I think it's always fun to watch movies I don't know yet. Sometimes they turn out to be horrible, but that really doesn't matter for me. I just love watching movies together with my friends.

6. Food
Simple as that. I love food. Food is life. You seriously can never go wrong with food. And it will definitely put a smile on her face. Guaranteed happiness.

I hope this gave you some ideas for if you were totally stuck or you were just looking for some inspiration.

I hope you liked this post (:
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☀ Thanks so much for reading! x 

- Marit

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