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Welcome to Blogmas Day 4! YES! I'VE MADE IT FOR FOUR DAYS ALREADY. I am so proud of myself. Anyway, enough about my 4-day achievement :') This blog post is all about Christmas. I mean, practically all of the Blogmas posts are, but this one especially. Because in this one I am going to tell you 5 reasons why I love Christmas.

Why I love Christmas
1. Christmas Trees

Christmas Trees. I love them. They're so magical and I love to decorate them. They give so much warmth to a house. If you love Christmas, one of the reasons is definitely because of the Christmas trees.

2. Christmas Lights

I love lights. Especially Christmas lights. Colorful ones, the normal ones. They just look so cute and give so much warmth to a house or a street. I don't why they're so appealing. They're just cute I guess. They look like stars...

3. Christmas Fun

The things people do during the wintertime/Christmastime are so much fun. Ice skating, decorating the Christmas tree, decorating the house, watching movies while covered in hundreds of blankets and drinking hot chocolate. Just the little things. I love it.

4. Christmas Spirit

The Christmas spirit. The way that everyone is always happy. The way that everyone's having fun. How the good in people really shows. How it's all about love and helping people. I just love that. It's as simple as that. Love.

5. Christ

I am a Christian and that's why we celebrate Christmas revolving around Christ. We go to church and we celebrate his birth. We don't celebrate Christmas in a way of 'presents underneath the tree', but we do have a Christmas dinner and do fun stuff like watching Christmas movies :') But for me Christmas is about celebrating Christ's birth.

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