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So I have been looking on Pinterest and Polyvore to get some inspiration for some winter outfits. And today I thought, why not share them with you? I made a couple of sets on Polyvore and I decided to post them in this blog post (: They're really simple and minimalistic because I didn't add any accessories. But you can obviously just add your own accessories. I just like to keep the look on Polyvore very simple I guess (: I am thinking of posting a Winter lookbook somewhere along the way :') I just have some shopping to do before I am going to do that, hehe.

Winter Outfit Inspiration

Something you're probably going to notice: They all have sweaters. Yup. That's because I just love sweaters and I practically only wear sweaters during the winter :') And I am still looking for some nice sweaters to buy, so this is also kind of my wishlist of sweaters :')

Outfit #1
Okay, so I pinned the images in a way that you see the separate items and the price :')
But that doesn't really matter (wow, this one is expensive, how the?!). Anyways, this is a really simple outfit yet amazingly popular right now. This is a top you've probably seen as a normal shirt, but now they're also as sweaters. And I am crazy about them. I never really wear anything that is low cut, but with this one, I wouldn't even hesitate. I love this and it looks so simple, but it is really stylish. It's all about the small details.

Outfit #2
This one looked like it was a sweater dress, but I am not totally sure. It looks like it's a thick fabric, and that counts too :') I am in love with cutouts. And this outfit is yet again so simple but in a way so sophisticated. That's what I love about it. I just put the leather jacket there to fill up the empty space, but it looks totally fine without it.

Outfit #3

Turtleneck sweaters; I love them. Especially when the sweaters have that ribbed detail. So for this look, I actually wanted to add a burgundy colored overall dress, but couldn't find it. So instead, I added this brownish one. It still looks cute, though, but I'd prefer a burgundy one. Maybe with those buttons on the front, like the skirts that are totally in fashion right now. I added some big boots to finish this look, but any shoes would look good with this. Well.. Maybe not knee boots.. Anyways, you get my point (I hope) :')

Outfit #4

That skirt. Let's just talk about that skirt for a moment. I need that skirt. It's a beautiful maroon color. In this set, I tried to combine more colors, as you can see. That jacket looks so amazing. And I love the mock neck sweater (practically a turtleneck but then in half). This is an outfit that I need.

Outfit #5

And last but not least this simple yet stylish outfit. Those heels combined with those pants are like a match made in heaven. I've seen this combination on Pinterest a lot lately and I've been loving it. I combined it with this loose gray sweater (again turtleneck, but it falls down a bit). The front is higher than the back and I love it. Yet again such a simple outfit but it looks so sophisticated.

This was my outfit inspiration. I hope you got some inspiration as well (:
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